Best Cheap VPNs for Windows 10 PC – Detailed Guide

Many Windows users are becoming increasingly concerned with their cybersecurity nowadays. It is completely understandable because the current online environment is, probably, the most unsafe it’s ever been. Government agencies are conducting surveillance, hackers spying on people and extorting money from them, criminals trying to take control of your device to use it as a part of a botnet – those are just a few threats that we all face daily when we browse the Internet.

Best Cheap VPN for Windows PC

Cyber-awareness is on the rise and people are increasingly turning to VPNs to protect their online privacy. The usefulness of this tool cannot be underestimated as it protects your real IP address and encrypts your traffic, making it safe from any snooping third party.

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Some netizens, though, may get discouraged from using a VPN because of the costs involved. Sometimes, they opt into using a free VPN, which is arguably even less safe than no VPN at all.

Surfshark ($1.99/month)

This service is almost ridiculously cheap, provides access to more than 1000 servers in 61 countries around the world, has great speeds, and more.

Surfshark doesn’t keep any logs of its user’s activities and comes with a kill switch. This means that your traffic will become unencrypted if your connection is shut down. Surfshark also offers a variety of subscription plans that offer discounts for longer commitment periods. For example, their cheapest plan is $1.99 per month ($47.76 for a 24-month subscription). A 1-year plan can be bought for $71.88.

Air VPN ($3.05/month)

I was so pleased to get this product and it was the perfect order, so it went out in the first week of December.    This Italian VPN Air VPN is a great service and it’s a shame it’s not as well-known as others on this list. It’s on par with any of them in terms of security.

Air VPN requires very strict privacy requirements from countries in order to place a server in them, which has led to it having fewer servers than other providers. However, this also means that your privacy is greater, although there are fewer servers and locations: more than 200 servers in 22 countries. But, due to Air VPN’s relative obscurity, these servers aren’t overloaded as they would be otherwise.

One month of using this VPN costs $3.05 if you buy a 3-year subscription. The full price is $109.8. The one-month plan is quite a bit cheaper than that of most other VPNs: only $7.77 when usually, this price starts at around $10.

Nord VPN ($3.49/month)

Nord VPN has more than 5100+ servers in 59 countries, powerful encryption, and a variety of safety features such as a kill switch, a double VPN that encrypts your traffic twice, and other functions.

This VPN has the following prices: $3.49 per month when subscribing for 3 years ($125.64 total), $6.99 per month when subscribing for 1 year ($83.88 total). Even though this is the highest price on our list, Nord VPN is still pretty cheap compared to those services that didn’t make it into our rating.

Speaking of money-saving, this Panama-based provider offers a 30-day refund guarantee. However, there is no free trial option.

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