Browserling’s responsive USER EXPERIENCE making Cross Online Browser testing easy

Browserling’s responsive USER EXPERIENCE making Cross Online Browser testing easy that makes it easy to test your website on all browsers simultaneously. It is packed with features and has a new user interface that is controlled through a neat menu. Everything is now smooth and easy to use.

What is Browserling?

It’s a cross-browser testing platform that lets developers, web testers, and anyone else check to see if their website works the same in different browsers. All you need to do is put the URL in and choose the browser, OS and then configure other options to find out how it will look into different devices.

Browserling makes Cross Online Browser testing easy

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The recent update to the online tool has made it a lot easier, too, with the introduction of the single menu or floating windows. The tool has been built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

1. Mobile Responsive UI

The best part about using this tool is that you can test it on a smartphone to see how everything will work on different smartphones. It’s a feature that’s not available on other tools. The toolbox bloats around while you can select the Android version, the default browser, and get the testing done. As soon as you make your selection, enter the URL and click on the arrow. It’ll instantly load up the website.

2. OS and Browser Selection

TheYou can choose between various OS, including Windows versions, different flavors of Android, and the browser for both desktop and mobile.

3.Display Options

You can change the display option to see how it renders on different screen sizes. When using this, you can also zoom in and out and change resolution.

4 On-Screen Keyboard & Screen Capture

You can use the virtual keyboard to test your website’s input on both mobile and desktop devices. The screen capture tool is also useful for testers who need to show the status of testing to others.

5 Local testing

Local testing allows you to open an ssh tunnel to localhost or your local network to test local websites. If you are developing a website on your PC or Office network, and you need to test before deploying, then this is what you need.

6 Time to render and Sharing

Time is critical, and if any tool takes a long time, the final release will be delayed. That is one thing you don’t have to worry about with Browserling. The device can quickly identify bugs that may be occurring due to cross-browser issues. Refactoring and retesting are also quick. On the other hand, share a browser is helpful if you want to show the testing part to someone else. You can build a URL that will be generated for the user. The URL will include the rendered view for the specific browser.

7 LIVE API integration & developer options.

If you’re looking to develop an application that revolves around browser testing, you can use the API offered by Browserligs. The API allows you to automate and control browsers using JavaScript, which can be incredibly useful for webapps. Alternatively, you can offer safe web browsing, where users can jump into fully virtualized browsers running on virtual machines on demand. Here are some key features:

  • Allow use of old browser
  • Run automated cross-browser javascript
  • Automate interaction with the browser
  • Automated QA
  • Rebranding, white-labeling, and reselling

8 Browser Sandbox

If you need to ensure that links do not cause any harm in your application, then using a cloud-based technology like this can be handy. You can test it based on OS and browser in a remote environment, instead of on your local server.

9 Online Browser

It’s a browser on the cloud that uses the same sandbox technology as regular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari. After each session, all data related to the user session is destroyed.

The company is also launching a new browser streaming algorithm that will offer a near-native experience when using remote browsers. In addition to this, collaborative browsing features and capturing browser sessions are also in the works. If your company needs to do this testing more often, you can get the premium plan which offers more options.

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