What is a Computer Operating System?

As you stare at the What is a Computer Operating System. Should you choose a Mac or Windows this time? That all depends on what you need your operating system to do. They all perform different purposes. What is a computer operating system, and how do you pick the best one for your needs? We’ve got all the answers you’re looking for right here. Check out this operating system guide to learn more about your options and find out what they can do.

What is a Computer Operating System?

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First, let’s talk about what an operating system is. It’s a type of software that comes preloaded on every computer. It’s the program that allows your device’s hardware to work with the software.

Your entire computer would be useless without an operating system. Programs wouldn’t be able to work together without it.

What Do Operating Systems Do?

Operating systems help your computer system work like a well-oiled machine by starting several programs when the computer boots up.

The most important thing that all electronic devices have in common is that they all need access to your computer’s central processing unit (CPU). Some devices, like your computer’s monitor, need to use the CPU more than others, while others, like your keyboard, don’t need to use it as much.No matter what device you’re using, though, they all need to be able to access your CPU to some degree.

The operating system manages these programs so they all get the processing power they need to function. This way, you can have multiple tabs open in your web browser without them crashing on you.

Where Are They Stored?

Your computer’s operating system (OS) is just like any other program on your PC—it needs to be stored on your hard drive. In most cases, the OS is stored on the main hard drive.

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Using an External Hard Drive or Flash Drive to Store Your Computer’s Operating System There are both benefits and drawbacks to storing your computer’s operating system on an external hard drive or flash drive. One benefit is that it can free up space on your computer’s internal hard drive. Additionally, if your computer crashes, you can use the external drive to reinstall the operating system. However, there are also some disadvantages to using an external drive to store your operating system. One is that if the drive is not properly connected, your computer will not be able to start up. Additionally, if the external drive is lost or stolen, you will not be able to access your operating system.

The main disadvantage is if you lose it, you no longer have access to your computer. Flash drives can be easily broken.

Examples of OS

When choosing a laptop, you’ll have your pick between four different operating systems. These options are Windows, Mac, Chrome, and Linux. There are many things to consider when choosing which smartphone to buy. They all have their own sets of pros and cons to consider. They also serve different functions, so you shouldn’t make your decision lightly.


As you’re most likely aware, Mac is the operating system used by Apple computers. Even though Macs are the second most popular OS, there are not a lot of people that use them. That means hackers don’t bother much with them.

Although you can still catch viruses, you don’t have to worry as much because the hardware is top of the line. Macs don’t come with a bunch of preinstalled apps that slow it down, but you will pay for the advanced hardware. Macs are often the most expensive computers on the market. You can play some games on them, but that’s not their main purpose.

Some powerful graphics, but not quite good enough to run AAA titles. If your computer goes out, you’ll have to buy a new one. Macs also don’t have the best USB support around, so you’ll have the minimum when it comes to connectivity.


Windows is the most popular operating system, so developers make their games for it first. That means there are lots of games to choose from. If your computer starts to slow down, you can replace parts of it. Windows is so popular that there are many manufacturers making computers.

Having so many processor options sounds great, until you’re standing in the store. If you don’t already have a game plan when you walk through the door, you’ll be there for hours weighing your options.

Window’s popularity draws hackers to it. You’ll need to be a lot more cautious when you’re browsing online. Don’t even think about opening your web browser until you install antivirus software.


Chrome OS is a great operating system for Chromebooks. Many parents choose it for their child’s first computer because it is powerful enough to do light work and browse the internet. Plus, the battery life is excellent. However, you can’t play games on a Chromebook since the operating system doesn’t put a lot of strain on the computer.

Since Chromebooks save everything to the Cloud, they don’t have a lot of storage. Even though this could make your stuff more vulnerable to hackers, it actually makes it more secure. Since you’re not installing a lot of software, there’s not much for cybercriminals to go after. You can still fall victim to phishing scams, but that’s true no matter what OS you’re using.


While Linux is less popular than some other operating systems, it is still used in many devices such as computers, cars, phones, and TVs. Its open-source code allows anyone to customise it to their needs, but this also means it can be more difficult to use if you’re not familiar with coding. You’ll also need a computer that can handle the extra flexibility.

If security is what you’re after, look no further than Linux. With so many people around the world using and developing it, there’s always someone on the lookout for malware and other threats.

Operating Systems on Mobile

Your mobile phone needs an operating system to work just like your computer. Your phone is a mini computer, after all.


There are two main types of mobile operating systems: Apple and Android. Apple phones are known for their simple, easy-to-use interface. They’re also efficient when it comes to battery usage and don’t tend to overheat.

The iPhone’s icons have remained largely the same since the first iPhone was released in 2007.No matter how many times the iPhone’s operating system (iOS) is upgraded, the icons tend to look similar. There’s no way to download anything to make the phone’s appearance or other features better because the iPhone doesn’t support it.


When you use Android OS, you can download apps from any source, not just the Play Store. Before downloading, make sure the source is safe.

Just like your PC, your mobile phone can get viruses. But with Android, you have a wide range of hardware options to choose from. So you’re not limited to one type of processor. Plus, most Android phones also support expandable storage. So you’ll never have to worry about running out of memory.

There are many phone options available, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. It is easy to get a great phone or tablet, but just as simple to get one that does not suit your needs. You will not be able to set up and use your Android phone unless you have a Google account, and Android updates tend to be a hit or miss.

Choose the Right OS for Your Needs

A computer operating system is the thing that allows your device to run. Without it, your hardware and software won’t be able to work with each other.

As you can see, there are a lot of options available when it comes to choosing an OS for your computer. By taking the time to weigh the pros and cons of each, you can make sure you choose the right device for your needs. For more tips on choosing the right computer, be sure to check out the rest of our blog.

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