File Whopper lets you send Large Files or Folders Online even 10TB

File Whopper lets you send Large Files or Folders Online even 10TB, there are lots of services that offer this very functionality — but on different terms. This can be confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with the different options. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular file storage and sharing services, and explain what each one offers.

Introducing File Whopper: a service that is perfect for users who need to send large files online without any loss in quality or compression. If you need to send files over 10TB and more, File Whopper is the perfect solution for you.

File Whopper review

Sending large files and folders at a reasonable price

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To share a large file or folder just this one time, you probably don’t want to upgrade to an expensive cloud storage plan or sign up for a monthly subscription that you are not going to use. Unfortunately, this is often what you have to do when using most data sharing and storage services.

File Whopper is a great choice because it’s a service that lets you send files and folders from your computer to another person at a reasonable price without unnecessary commitments.

There is no max size per file

Share files and folders online with others from all over the world. The tool has no limit on how big the files and folders can be and doesn’t compress large files or optimize images to make them smaller. 1GB, 500GB, and even 10TB files and folders can be easily sent, and you will not receive an error message.

You pay as you go

Send and receive files quickly and easily with File Whopper! You don’t need to pay for an account or subscribe for a monthly fee – you only pay when you send something through File Whopper or decide to buy additional services.

You get an instant quote based on the size of your file or folder

File Whopper – provides an easy and fast way to get an instant quote based on the size of your file or folder. The service uses a slider that you can move to estimate the cost of your transfer based on the file size. You can also upload a file or folder on the service’s homepage and see how much you are expected to pay for sending it.

File Whopper is a fast, secure, and smooth file transfer app that encrypts your data and automatically resumes the transfer after any error. It also allows users to upload and download files and folders simultaneously, meaning your recipient(s) can start downloading your data without waiting for you to finish uploading it.

Your data is encrypted and locked with a password

File Whopper encrypts files or folders with a secure password right on your machine, which keeps your data safe even if there is an attack on a File Whopper server.

How does File Whopper work?

Easy. All you need to do is create an account, then drag and drop your file or folder to get an estimate, buy a few additional services if you need them, upload your data, and share the assigned download link and password with your recipient.

File Whopper: A free and easy way to transfer large files! With the File Whopper service, you can transfer up to 5GB of data for free, so you can see everything for yourself. And if you’re not sure about sharing your files, you can choose the number of allowed downloads, which will make sure your data is not misused.

How does File Whopper compare to other services?

File Whopper is a cloud storage and file transfer service that provides top-level security and is based on monthly payments.

Data that is uploaded is usually available for a limited amount of time and is eventually deleted from the servers. File Whopper does not take up additional space on your computer and its tiny app automatically deletes once the transfer process is over. Additionally, there have been no reported sync issues with FileWhopper.


File sharing service that allows users to efficiently send large files and folders online; great way of keeping data private and tracking transfer status; users do not have to continuously ask people if they have downloaded the file or folder they sent.

File Whopper is a simple and straightforward file sharing service that can help you share files and folders of any size securely. It’s not the only file sharing service out there, and you may have to spend some time researching other options before settling on a service, but we hope that this review has given you a good idea of what FileWhopper offers and that you can make the decision that’s right for you.

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