Filmora X Review: Create Fantastic videos with Motion tracking, Keyframing, Color Matching and Audio Ducking

Filmora X Review: Create Fantastic videos with Motion tracking, Keyframing, Color Matching and Audio Ducking, putting up b-roll, and so on. The bar has been raised, and what you see in the movies is now coming to many videos on YouTube and other video sites. So if you want to create a fantastic video with such effects, we are reviewing the Filmora X.

Filmora X Review

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Filmora X is an amazing video editor that can create fantastic, cinematic videos using all the effects. The recent update has rolled out support for Motion tracking, Keyframing, Color Matching, and Audio ducking.

This is a great editor for beginners as well, and that’s what we love about it. There are tons of tutorials for all its features on the official website, and it takes only a few minutes to learn. I was able to run the software on my ten-year-old PC with SSD, 8 GB RAM, and NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS.

Filmora X Features

Some of the fantastic editing features to make your video stand out. Depending on your need, you can use these features, and it will need a bit of practicing to master it. Here is the list of features we loved:

  1. Motion Tracking
  2. Keyframing
  3. Color Matching
  4. Audio Ducking
  5. Video Effects
  6. Green Screen
  7. Split Screen.

1 Motion Tracking:

Video editors are people who use software to make movies or videos. This software can be used to attach objects to a video, making it look more cinematic. It also allows you to select an object in motion and link it to another object, such as text or an element you add from the software. The result is that both move in sync. You can attach clipart like images, elements, text, or video clips.

2 Keyframing:

Animation software can help you to create professional-looking videos easily and quickly. With keyframing, you can move images from one place to another, set opacity, timing, and size. This makes it easy to create animations that appear at a certain place and go visible only at a certain time.

3.Color Matching:

The color matching feature comes into the picture when you want to color correct a video scene. You can choose a particular scene or apply the same settings to all of them.

4. Audio Ducking:

Audio Ducking is a great way to reduce distractions while you’re recording a video. You can mix one audio track into another to create a quieter background, allowing the discussion to take center stage.

Apart from these new features, Filmora X also offers three more enhancements to make an effective video.

5. Video Effects:

Flimora is an amazing video editor that offers a lot of features for a great quality. It has a lot of transitions that make it easy to switch between videos and filters that can make the videos look better. It also has titles that can give more information and background audio that makes the videos feel more immersive.

6. Green Screen:

Background: A green screen cloth is a large, flat piece of cloth that is used to create a background for a video, photograph, or other image. It is typically made of a synthetic material, such as polyester, and is about twice as wide as it is long. A green screen is placed between the camera and the subject, and the background is photographed or filmed against the green screen.

7. Split Screen:

This is a special feature that allows you to add multiple videos to one screen. It offers several templates and designs to create a professional-looking split-screen view. Apart from these, the editor also offers Keyboard Shortcuts Editor, Dark/Light mode, flexibility to editing using plain text, advanced title editing, and if you are using macOS, then you also get Touch Bar integration to preview and scrub through your timeline using the touch bar.


Filmora X is a professional-grade video editor that offers great features for users who want to create high-quality videos. It is easy to learn, and can be used for basic editing tasks or more complicated projects where motion tracking, keyframing, and other advanced effects can be used. The software is not heavy on the system, and renders videos quickly on a powerful PC.

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