FlexClip Review: All in one Video Maker for your Daily Video Marketing

FlexClip Review: All in one Video Maker for your Daily Video Marketing. Not only does it keep the attention, but it also helps to deliver messages compellingly. While you can always shoot videos, use a video editor, and add images, without the right set of effects, background music will not be sufficient. That’s where you need a tool such as FlexClip video editor. FlexClip is a powerful video editor that allows you to add effects, background music, and more to your videos. This will help to make your videos more compelling and effective when it comes to marketing.

What is FlexClip

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One great thing about FlexClip is that it allows you to produce professional-looking videos quickly and easily. It also has a free version that is perfect for family projects. If you want to get more out of FlexClip, however, you can upgrade to the full version. This will give you more features and options, such as longer videos and more branding.

The best part of using FlexClip is that you don’t need a trial or paid subscription. The free plan offers enough so you can later upgrade for more.

How to create a video using FlexClip

The templates collection features a wide variety of seasonal occasions including Business, social media, Education, Wedding, and more. You can preview the video and hear the background music by clicking on the Preview button.

To customize the template, open the editor by clicking on the Customize button. The editor offers an interface that looks similar to a video editor. The editor has three main sections: the toolbar, the text area, and the preview area.

At the bottom, you have the storyboard where you can see parts of the video.
On the top-right, you have access to transform, filter, adjust and speed options.
On top-left, you have access to add stock media, local files, or video recording.
The left section offers menus to access options to add text, overlay, element, background, music, watermark, aspect ratio according to the devices.

You have all of the tools necessary to create a video. It’s up to your creativity to include it in the final product. Use the transitions when switching between scenes. The benefits of juicing for your health are endless. Juicing can help you lose weight, improve your overall health, and decrease your risk of various diseases.

FlexClip Features

  • Drag and drop effects with ease in the online video editor.
  • Video exporting: You can export your videos in a variety of formats, including MP4.
  • stock photo, royalty-free video, music, photos
  • The Storyboard is perfect for editing and splitting videos.
  • In a presentation, videos and images can be zoomed, rotated, and speed changed to make them more effective.
  • A powerful, easy to use tool that makes it easy to create amazing slideshows!
  • You feel scared when it’s dark because you don’t know what’s around you.
  • Video Creation: Create a high-quality video up to 1080P and in different aspect ratios.
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  • Duplicate projects if you want to create multiple versions of the same project.
  • This app allows you to create motion effects presets and use them to add moving texts, shapes, and icons to your videos.

The experience of using the editor is superb. The tools are available right up front, and I did not end up locating the options. The images and videos are royalty-free, which allows them to be used in commercial projects as well. The best part is you can create videos for different devices, i.e., aspect ratio making do so.

Should you upgrade?

Video editor: If you’re always looking for a video editor every time you make a family video or project for a client, and try to make a final video using free tools, then it’s time to rethink your video editing options. With the free plan, you’re given 480 PSD downloads, a maximum of 12 projects, and a video length of up to one minute.

The 720p plan should be good enough for most of the scenarios. If you need to work for clients who need HD resolution, check the next two plans.


FlexClip is a great video tool that allows you to create professional-looking videos without learning complex video editing software. With just a few clicks, you can quickly go from shooting your video with your browser to adding music, effects, transitions, and text. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to customize your video exactly how you want it. In addition to the features mentioned above, FlexClip also has a ton of sound effects, music, and video clips that you can add to your videos, and you can even convert your existing videos into FlexClip project files.

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