5 Essential Steps to Secure Your Windows 10 Machine

essential steps to secure your Windows 10 machine operating system, here are a few essential steps you can take.

How to secure Windows 10

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Here are five essentials steps you need to take, to safeguard and secure your Windows 10 computer:

  1. Enable System Restore
  2. Enable Windows Update
  3. Download Advanced Antivirus Protection
  4. Uninstall Bloatware
  5. Secure your Network.

Let us take a look at them.

1 Enable System Restore

When Windows 10 is running optimally, you should create a System Restore point. This will help you if something goes wrong and your operating system stops working properly. Turning on Protection on your system drive is also a good idea. This feature is enabled by default, but you can always be sure that it is.

2 Enable Windows Update

Windows Update is enabled by default in Windows 10. But you just have to reconfirm that it is. Cybercriminals are continually looking out for ways to breach your Windows 10 security through vulnerabilities. Thankfully, Microsoft works hard to release updates that plug exploits. It’s critical to download security patches automatically to prevent your computer from getting hacked. Windows Updates is enabled by default in Windows 10. But you just have to reconfirm that it is.

Windows Update Settings can help make sure that your operating system downloads and installs the latest patches automatically.

3 Download Advanced Antivirus Protection

Windows security software is not adequate against ransomware, adware, spyware, stalkerware, and keyloggers. Windows Security Center doesn’t protect third-party browsers like Google Chrome by default.And if you’re like most Windows 10 users, you probably don’t use Microsoft’s default web browser.

Malware can affect your system’s performance, steal your confidential information, and result in financial headaches. Cybercriminals release new threats every day, and signature-based anti-malware technology alone can’t stop them all.

Antivirus software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning can help secure your computer from sophisticated malicious attacks.

4 Uninstall Bloatware

If you have a computer that came preinstalled with Windows 10, then there are certain software programs you will need to uninstall immediately in order to keep your computer safe.

Uninstall bloatware: View the list of installed programs in your Control Panel and remove unwanted software with extreme prejudice. Unfortunately, some bloatware is quite stubborn and requires advanced cybersecurity tools for complete removal.

5 Secure Your Network

To help keep your system secure, you need to activate your Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security. This is especially important if you run a small business, as keeping your system secure protects you and your clients.

To secure your network further, you can always subscribe to a virtual private network (VPN) service from a cybersecurity company that technology experts recommend. A VPN service that uses WireGuard technology offers the best security. However, please stay clear of free VPNs as they use obsolete technology and carry malware. Keep your Windows 10 operating system secure with these five steps.

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