Hysolate Free Review: Isolate risk sensitive activities applications and data

Hysolate Free Review: Isolate risk sensitive activities applications and data. However, when it comes to choosing which software or service to use, there is often a lot of confusion. As cloud computing and virtualization become more integral parts of business operations, enterprises are increasingly reliant on cloud-based applications to deliver critical business-critical services and value.

While these applications help companies retain control and maintain their independence from the cloud, the security and privacy of these applications are critical. That’s where services like Hysolate come in. Hysolate enables organizations to isolate risk, sensitive activities, applications, and data from the risk of getting tampered with or infected by third-party malware attacks. It also practices safe browsing redirection to protect the workspace from sensitive websites.

Hysolate Review

Hysolate Features and why it’s required for security and privacy

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There are many solutions out there, then what makes Hysolate different? Let’s check out the list of features that will help us understand.

Full isolation: Hysolate provides complete isolation of sensitive information from the network and prevents open connectivity to the internet. Hysolate’s unique architecture isolates data, applications, or cloud services for additional endpoint protection.

VM-based isolation: Hysolate allows you to “split” your device into two isolated environments, ensuring that you can be confident in its security even if you don’t trust the OS, application, network, or cloud.

Keeping Workspace Safe:

The VM protects any sensitive applications and websites by automatically opening them in a secure VM environment. This prevents any malicious software on the endpoint from damaging the sensitive information. It also blocks malware from keylogging or capturing applications and data, and prevents screenshots of sensitive information and data.

Encryption: The Hysolate software provides state-of-the-art security for your data, using encryption both in transit and at rest. This ensures that your data is protected against both external threats and internal misuse.

Use Cases for Hysolate

Isolate Access to Sensitive Applications and Data: It allows you to create multiple isolated zones to control access to sensitive data, websites, applications, or cloud services from known or unknown malware.
Improve Employee Productivity with IT-Freedom: Social media, IM, peer-to-peer, and personal email can be dangerous for your employees, but Hysolate can help protect them. By isolating these activities and suspicious websites from the work environment, Hysolate clients can be productive without imposing any risk to company assets.

Extending Zero Trust to the endpoint, Isolating privileged access to corporate systems & data and isolating contractors’ and offshore teams remote access.

Enterprise Use of Hysolate

Hysolate provides an easy way to deploy VMs specifically for enterprises without taking much time. It also supports all enterprise policies with support and SLAs.

Data Capture Restriction: The website, documentation, application, and USB redirection of a user’s sensitive data is automatically done to ensure that it cannot escape from the organization. The user is not even allowed to look at a website not approved by the enterprise. It also supports advanced security policies such as restrictions on clipboards, printers, screenshots, keyloggers, and the ability to capture data.

External device policy management: Hysolate’s policy engine ensures that users of external devices comply with the company’s policy. If someone tries to use an unauthorized device to access data, Hysolate software encrypts all data on the devices before allowing access. It makes it very difficult for anyone to use an external device on the system.

IdP integration and SAML-based SSO: It is important to have a smooth experience for users accessing Hysolate applications through a third-party identity provider. Same-domain cookie restrictions need to be in place for this to work properly.

Fine-grained networking policies: You can configure business-critical applications in an isolated network to control access to sensitive data. This ensures the protection of cloud services with granular corporate policies.

With Hysolate, you have complete control over how applications are bundled and deployed across your infrastructure. Our granular file policy settings give you the flexibility to tailor each deployment to your specific needs.

Hysolate Pricing & Demo

One of the best aspects of Hysolate is its ease of installation and transfer between regular and secure mode with the click of a button. This not only saves time, but also makes it suitable for both technical and non-technical users. In addition, if you are looking for a Windows VM, you don’t have to buy any license, as the cost is included.

The company offers a free demo of their service for Windows 10 or Windows 11 Pro/Enterprise with 8GB RAM, SSD, Intel Core i5 or higher (or an AMD equivalent). All you need to do is fill out a form, and you will be sent a link to download the demo. Make sure to use a company email account for the demo.

Once you have the extension installed, you will be able to experience the secure setup on the same computer where your work and personal files reside. The extension will make sure data is safe from websites that can steal data.

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