iBoysoft Data Recovery: Recover deleted files from BitLocker Encrypted Drives

One of the worst things about data storage is the risk of losing everything. Hardware can fail, and accidental deletion can happen. That’s why people keep a backup of the backup. Today we’re reviewing iBoysoft Data Recovery. It’s professional software that can recover deleted files, and the professional version also supports recovery from BitLocker Encrypted Drives.

iBoysoft Data Recovery review

The free version of this software allows you to recover up to 1GB of data. The Home version allows for unlimited data recovery, while the Professional edition includes BitLocker data recovery.

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  • Download and install iBoysoft Data Recovery
  • Arrange for external storage or a USB drive
  • Select a Drive or Partition
  • Find Deleted Files
  • Recover Deleted Files
  • Deep Scan
  • Save Sessions or Search Result
  • Extra Features

Select a Drive or Partition

From the hard drive list, choose one of the storage options and click Next. On the same screen, you have an option to check the box that says “Deep Scan.” This will allow the software to search more thoroughly for lost data, but it will take longer. If you don’t have time for a deep scan right now, you can try running a regular scan, which might reveal files you’ve recently deleted.

Find Deleted Files

As soon as you click the “Next” button, it will take the regular scan, which will finish quickly. The result screen has two sections: on the left, you will see a file explorer-like tree structure to navigate between folders, while the right part displays the list of files of the selected folder.

All the folders, even the ones on the partitions or drives, can show up when you least expect it. You just need to be on the lookout for the files with a red cross on the bottom right of the icon. These are the ones that have been deleted. If the list is too long, you can use the search box on the top right to find a particular file.

Recover Deleted Files

Now that you’ve found the deleted files, it’s time to recover them. Once again, I would remind you to recover data on a different drive than the one it was deleted from.

  • Click on the file, and it will give you an option to see a preview of the file. You can also see the file size, date created, and other details.
  • Once you are sure, click on the Recover button, and choose where the location where the files will be exported.
  • Export may take its time depending on the size of the files you choose to recover.
  • Once done, it will open the folder where the files are available.

I was able to recover a deleted file from my external storage that I lost last year. I never used this drive, so recovery was easy.

Deep Scan

If you can’t find your file using a regular scan, it’s time to check the Deep Scan box and start the scanning process. Deep Scan uses RAW searching technology, which is different from the usual way.

  • It scans the unallocated space sector by sector to find files that have not been overwritten
  • Identifies these files by unique headers and footer of the unallocated cluster
  • Recovers data with old names and folder structures.

If you have a hard drive that isn’t working correctly or has been formatted, we recommend you use a deep scan to find the files. Trust it; it will take a lot of time, so run it during the night, and make sure the PC is set not to sleep.

The great thing about Deep Scan is that even if you abort it in the middle, it will reveal a list of files that it found and are recoverable. Here is what happened to me. I was able to recover a file that I deleted a couple of years back.

Recovery from BitLocker Encrypted Drives

If a drive was encrypted using Bit locker, you can recover data from that too. However, you need the key with which the data was encrypted. Since the drive is no longer connected to the Windows OS, you can still extract the data using BitLocker data recovery.

  • Connect the drive, and click on BitLocker Data recovery
  • The software will find drives or partition which is encrypted using Bit locker
  • As soon as you click on next to start recovery, it will prompt for the key.
  • Once the key is verified, the recovery process is similar to what we have already seen.

Find more Partitions to recover data from deleted/lost partitions

The iBoysoft Data Recovery software provides an impressive and straightforward way to recover lost files for all versions. The software is easy to use and it works well. If you only need to recover a small number of files, then the free version is usually enough. However, if you need to recover more extensive data sets, you can choose the Home or Professional version depending on your needs.

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