In Vision Review: Design Collaboration Tool For Remote Teams – Guide

In Vision App is a digital product design platform that lets you create prototypes of websites, apps, and more online. You can create interactive prototypes to help your clients understand what will happen when someone interacts with their product. Our In Vision review will show you everything you need to know about this powerful design tool.

In Vision Review

The most robust feature of the In Vision App is that it allows you to work with remote teams. If your organization is spread across the globe, you can easily collaborate with them.

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You can sign up for free with In Vision and start prototyping in their Space. You also have the option to download their software, the Craft Plugin for Sketch & Photoshop, and In Vision Studio.

Spaces for Cloud Design and Collaboration

These designs are simple and effective, allowing you to add your own content or use a pre-made design. For example, with website design, you can get four pages which include a home page, archive, contact page, and article page. These pages are images that you can then add clickable links to, making it more effective than sending a bunch of screenshots or making a video of the design.

You can do the same with the set of designs you created using another tool. So, you can sync and upload the design right from the Craft Plugin if you’re using Photoshop.

In Vision Studio

This free software lets you create offline designs and sync them with your In Vision account. It supports vector-based drawing, flexible layers, animation transitions, and micro-interactions. When you start fresh, you might want to pick an example to understand the layers concept better.

Since you use the In-Vision account to access this tool, you instantly have access to the cloud. With this tool, you can change your design and sync it with your team. Team members can stay up-to-date with the latest version, and if they find something that needs to be fixed, it can be rolled out.


When working with a team, you can quickly design and collaborate in real-time with others. notified of any changes made by your team members, and you can quickly roll back when needed. You can also maintain a version history of files and actions, so you can go back to a point in time when the design was performing well.

What’s important to keep in mind is keeping your projects and ideas safe while you collaborate over the internet. Remote teams often rely on public Wi-Fi, be it at a cafĂ©, airport, or hotel room. Public networks are often unencrypted and create an easy avenue for cybercriminals to intercept users’ traffic and steal information. If you don’t want sensitive company data to be compromised, encourage your team to use a VPN when connected to public Wi-Fi. Paid VPN providers, like Express VPN, will make sure your internet traffic is encrypted.


Vision might not be the most powerful tool out there, but it is the best tool for prototyping if you need to collaborate with a team. Further, we would strongly suggest using a reliable VPN. It will make sure your internet traffic is encrypted and protects your team’s projects and sensitive data from being compromised by hackers. This is only applicable when you are using In Vision to collaborate on a design building or project.

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