Why Integrating your PBX with Microsoft Teams is advantageous to Windows Users

Why Integrating your PBX with Microsoft Teams is advantageous to Windows Users for voice communications. Dispersed and hybrid virtual teams have embraced the use of new communication systems and methods, with Microsoft Teams being one of the most prolific collaboration tools being adopted on a global scale in the past two years. However, there is a growing realization across Windows users in variable sales and customer service-driven organizations, that collaborative tools alone, are not quite enough to secure successful unified communications. The most effective process to leverage remote and office working requires the transformation of the process and the full integration of systems.

Integrate your PBX with Microsoft Teams

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As a Windows user, you may want to use a cloud phone system that is quick to set up and use, with just one click. Zadarma is a recognized global VoIP provider, and their cloud phone system is popular with Windows and Teams users. With native integration into Microsoft Teams, Zadarma’s cloud phone system can easily adapt to accommodate changing working environments. This allows any Windows user to gain the best of both platforms through a single, intuitive interface.

Setting up Zadarma’s PBX only takes a few minutes, and integrating it with Microsoft Teams is free and just as quick. No extra apps or software are needed for the integration, just connect and start talking. To make an outgoing call using Zadarma through Teams, go to the “Calls” tab in Zadarma’s side menu, enter the number you want to call, and click “Call.” An incoming call via Teams can be accepted just by clicking on the icon in the incoming call notification that appears on the screen.

1. Time Savings

Integrating your core systems will save your team time and administration. Windows users often have to transfer information from Teams calls to emails and back to phone calls, which can be time-consuming. The easiest way to make a call is to hit the call button while you are within your central system. By integrating your systems, you can make a Teams call via the VoIP PBX, which lets you stay in one central interface.

2. Cost Savings

Zadarma offers VoIP services with reasonable, flexible rates that can scale as your business needs grow. Zadarma’s Smart integration of Teams with VoIP is the perfect setup for a Windows user within any growing international business. It provides virtual multichannel numbers in over 100 countries, allowing access to international calling at highly reasonable rates without restriction.

3. Team productivity & performance

Windows users who integrate their conference tools with their business phone solution are finding that it provides a unified communication solution with many benefits. Online meetings and screen sharing encourage interaction and help reduce distractions, while producing a lean working environment. This in turn motivates team productivity and improves performance.

Zadarma can provide statistical integration which provides voice menu configuration, speech analytics, and call recordings via email. Real-time analytics can provide business leaders with deep insight into conversations and optimizations can be made when needed.

As more businesses adopt dispersed and hybrid working models, they’ll need to invest in communication tools and system integrations that can accommodate these changes long-term.

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