IO bit Driver Booster is the best Driver Updater software for Windows

Oftentimes, poor PC performance is a result of outdated drivers which don’t work well with your hardware, resulting in issues such as low picture resolution, poor sound quality, delayed response time, network failure, and PC crashes.

As a Windows 10 PC user, you may be getting regular OS updates. However, even that is not enough to keep all drivers in your PC up to date, as device manufacturers stop providing new drivers for old devices.

IObit Driver Booster 7 review

Maintaining your PC in a workable condition for longer periods is always a challenge. With exposure to online vulnerabilities and their respective fixes, you can easily get lost with hidden issues related to the system drivers. Driver Booster from IObit offers a perfect solution for such cases.

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  • IObit Driver Booster 7 FREE version has a database of more than 3,000,000+ device drivers and game components for top PC performance and 3,500,000+ for the PRO version.
  • The UI of the tool is easy to use, and you can get your work done with just a few clicks
  • IObit Driver Booster 7 also has a feature for boosting gaming performance by allocating high priority to new gaming drives and other components
  • If there is an issue with the update, it automatically restores the driver
  • Feature to automatically scan the PC to find and fix the faulty drivers
  • Users have the option of Driver backups for additional safety
  • It is also an additional feature to fix all the common drive errors
  • The freeware version of the tool has most of the high-performing features
  • It updates the driver with precision ensuring there are no half-cooked updates
  • You can perform manual as well as automatic driver update scans

Downloading and Installing Driver Booster 7

As a default, when you install Driver Booster 7, it is installed as a FREE version which itself has most of the features discussed. To start the tool, click on the desktop shortcut or locate it from the PC’s start menu. The main UI window will appear as shown below.

Using Driver Booster 7


To get started, click on the SCAN button. It will search your PC for faulty and outdated drivers.

The user interface provides a STOP button that can be clicked at any time during a scan to stop it and restart it later. If you want to enable automatic Driver scan, go to settings and change it. You can also schedule a scan so that drivers receive regular updates.

Scan Results

As you can see above, the scan results show the number of outdated drivers and game components on your PC. In the results, you can check the number of outdated drivers (21 drivers in my case) and game components. The scan results show your PC’s current condition.

Up to date drivers

Driver Booster 7 displays a list of outdated drivers, showing the current version date next to each driver. This lets you see how old your current drivers are. You can click the current date next to a driver, or right-click the driver, to roll back to an earlier version or uninstall the driver.

Updating and Downloading Drivers

Once you see the scan results, you can choose to do any one of the following:

Update all Drivers – Click on the ‘Update Now’ button given on top of the scan results page to update all drivers at once.

Individual Driver update – You can also download the drivers individually by clicking on the ‘Update’ button available on the right side of each device.

Once you hit the update button, your drivers will start downloading. You can stop the download process at any time and resume it later. Driver Booster 7 will also create a restore point automatically before installing the drivers.

Backup existing drivers

You can back up and restore your old/existing drivers with Driver Booster 7. To do that, just click on the individual driver and select backup. Note, that this feature is available for the Pro version only.

Boost System Performance (Value Added Feature)

Coming to the list of features, Driver Booster 7 has plenty to offer through Game Boost and System Optimize. Both these help in speeding up your system. Let’s explore them a bit more.

Game Boost

When we’re playing a game, we get annoyed by the sudden lag due to apps or services running in the background.

System Optimize

System Optimization is a great feature bundled in Driver Booster 7 that allows you to trash junk files, repeated registry entries, Invalid shortcuts, and privacy traces. It can also help you optimize your PC system and even the Internet speed.

“Advanced System Care 12.5 version” is a tool that optimizes your PC on the items mentioned above.

‘”Once the scan is completed, Advanced System Care shows a summary of the items found that you can fix. Below, I found 6876 items on my PC to optimize. Advanced System Care also throws up a number of not needed files along with the space they occupy that you can clean for better functioning of your PC.”

Advanced System Care has many other features like Speed Up, Protect, and more that can help you optimize your PC further.

Driver Booster 7 Tools

Navigating to the tool button, you will find a lot of features there. Let’s have a look at what each one has to offer.

Driver Booster 7 is the best!

As malware and other security threats become more prevalent, it is increasingly important to keep your drivers up-to-date. Driver Booster 7 helps you do this quickly and easily. In just a few moments, it can scan your system and download the updates you need.

There are many other Driver booster tools in the market, but IO bit Driver Booster 7 outsmarts them all thanks to the abundance of value-added features it offers.

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