IO bit Uninstaller Pro Review: Remove Unwanted software and deep clean Windows

As we keep using Windows and installing software, it tends to get slow. While Windows OS offers the option to uninstall software, it is partly dependent on the uninstallation script provided by the software. The drawback of this method is that not all software components get removed. Every software leaves a trace of files, registry entries, folders, and residual junk after an uninstallation. All of these results in a slowdown of the computer, and also occupy space. Today, we are reviewing the IO bit Uninstaller Pro, which can completely uninstall unwanted software & browser Plug-ins. It can deeply remove all leftovers for a cleaner computer.

IO bit Uninstaller Pro Review

The Uninstaller is a powerful removal tool that can remove any software from your computer. The Uninstaller is also a professional uninstallation tool that can remove any toolbar or plugin from your computer. The Uninstaller also comes with an advanced feature called the Install Monitor. The Install Monitor will keep track of all the software that is installed on your computer and will notify you when any changes are made.

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A list of all installed software on the computer will be displayed in chronological order. You can sort the software by name, size, check install date, or uninstall date. Each program will have a delete button next to it which will uninstall the program. You can also select multiple programs and then uninstall them together using the checkboxes.

There is a details link next to each software listing that shows the software name, version, installation path, etc. You can also use the search box at the top of the page to find installed software.

I have a lot of software installed that I downloaded for testing and they’re still there. IO bit Uninstaller Pro can effectively remove all of them. During uninstallation, you can create a restore point and choose to remove leftover files.

Install Monitor

My favorite feature of the software is its ability to keep track of new software installations and changes. After you install the software, it keeps monitoring any new software installation and any changes in the installation.

When you uninstall a program using IO bit Uninstaller Pro, it will track all registry entries, file & folder creation, and more that were generated during installation. This ensures that everything is eliminated when you uninstall the software.

You can install the program using IO bit Uninstaller Pro, or it will automatically start when you install any software directly.

Toolbars and Plugins

This section is exciting and very useful! IO bit uninstaller allows you to view all installed add-ons, or sorted by individual browsers, including Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. You can choose to uninstall them individually or all in bulk. You can also rate the add-ons and software to contribute your experience to the community.

IO bit Uninstaller Pro Tools

The top right corner of the screen has a handy feature that allows you to quickly access features that are otherwise hidden behind menus.

  • Software Health:┬áIntroduced recently, it can scan through all the installed software. The scan figures out how many software leftovers you have, outdated software, and if you had installed malicious plugins.
  • Easy Uninstall: It launches a floating target board that stays on top of everything. You can point it to any software shortcut or icon, and it will uninstall it.
  • Force Uninstall: It helps you to uninstall an application that cannot be uninstalled regularly, and cleans up the leftover files.
  • File Shredder:┬áIf you want to erase a file or folder from your computer permanently, use this tool. It makes sure nobody can recover those files using any software.
  • Windows Update: Displays a list of Windows Updates. You can choose to bulk uninstall them.

I0 bit Uninstaller Pro is a great software that can make sure that software doesn’t keep clogging your Windows with unnecessary files, and slow it down with time. It helps you figure out software that you don’t use, and can bulk update them. It can also scan your software for any malicious software or addon – all in all, it’s an outstanding software that offers a lot of beneficial features.

You can download the free version of IO bit Malware Fighter from It’s great software to have running all the time to protect your computer from malware.

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