How to copy Old/New Region-Locked DVD Movies and TV Servies to MP4

How to copy Old/New Region-Locked DVD Movies and TV Servies to MP4. Many people backed up everything on them, including home videos and movies. However, DVDs don’t last forever and eventually become unreadable as they get scratched.

It’s important to have backup copies of your DVD collections for several reasons. DVDs can become scratched and unreadable over time, and DVD players are becoming increasingly scarce. With the shift to digital media, it’s likely that DVDs won’t be around for much longer.

WinX DVD Ripper review

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There are a few ways you can go about storing the content of your DVDs, such as creating an ISO image that can be opened on your computer, or storing the DVD’s content on your hard drive, USB drive, or NAS for convenient playback and management. You can also burn the DVD on your computer and create a backup copy to avoid damaging the original DVD.

Rip Region-Locked DVD Movies and TV Series to MP4

Backing up or creating a copy of a DVD is not an easy job, especially when it comes to scratched, region-locked, or DRM-protected DVDs. However, you can easily create a backup of your DVD collection on your hard drive or any USB device.

WinX DVD Ripper is an easy and accurate way to create backups of your DVDs. You can use it to rip DVDs to your hard drive, portable media player, or mobile device. The ripped DVD will work on almost any media device, including PCs, Macs, Xboxes, iPhones, and more.

Why WinX DVD Ripper is the best option for DVD copy?

Before we begin, it’s important to know that this software is incredibly powerful – there are no limitations and no watermarks added.

  • Movies Anywhere AnytimeWe accept any old, new, region-locked DVD movies, TV series, kids’ DVDs, and homemade DVDs. Our DVD copying technology can trick Disney Fake checking tech, which restricts making a copy of the disc.
  • Four DVD copy modes: clone DVD to ISO image; clone DVD to folder at 1:1 ratio; backup DVD main title content; copy DVD title fully to MPEG2 file with all Videos/Audios/Subtitles.
  • This makes sure the content can be copied to any video format, including MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, and more. Additionally, it can be streamed from anywhere, including NAS and Plex.
  • Within just 5 minutes, you can use Level-3 Hardware Acceleration tech to speed up your CPU and GPU.
    This DVD ripper makes an 1:1 copy of your DVD’s content without any loss in video or audio quality. It also preserves the original structure, video and audio tracks, chapters, subtitles, and more.
  • Flexible controls for the format, quality, frame rate, resolution, and more. You can also crop, trim, merge DVD videos into one file.

How to copy DVD to MP4 video with this DVD ripper

While other software may offer DVD ripping capabilities, they are often burdened with too many settings that make them more complicated to use. WinX DVD Ripper, however, is designed with ease-of-use in mind, offering a straightforward interface and settings that don’t confuse the user. Here are the steps to copy a DVD to MP4 format using WinX DVD Ripper.

Step 1: Open WinX DVD Ripper, then insert the source DVD and select the DVD option. A primary DVD drive will be automatically detected and the disc information loaded. You can change your DVD player from the dropdown box if you have more than one.

I would suggest you enable hardware acceleration, deinterlacing, and choose the number of cores you want to use for the best results.

Step 2: The next step is to set up the Output Profile for the ISO. This will automatically display almost all of the software’s functions and allow you to select the MP4 video format and quality of output.

Step 3: To start the conversion process, click the “Run” button. Make sure to change the default save location to somewhere on your hard drive that has enough space. You don’t have to wait long for DVDs to be burned and backed up because the software does it quickly.

What you love most about it is that it helps you create lossless DVDs and offers high-quality playback.


DVDs were created to prevent people from copying them. Video files were also not in an easily playable format. It was always a game of hardware and software to get everything to work. However, as relevancy has dropped, it is now better to use professional ripping software to copy the DVD movie to a DVD folder, an ISO file, or an image file. This allows you to store the movie on your computer. WinX DVD Ripper is one of the best tools for copying DVDs to MP4 video. It can work with almost any format of DVD.

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