Nox Player Review: Ultimate Android Emulator for Windows PC

Not everyone wants to buy a Chromebook just to run Android apps on the big screen. Not everyone wants to be hooked to their phone to play games, and use apps. That’s where the Android Emulator comes into the picture. Today, we are reviewing Nox Player, which is a fantastic free Android emulator for Windows 10. It supports multiple Android versions and is compatible with X86/AMD. So if you are looking for an alternate emulator, especially compare to Bluet stacks, you should take a look at Nox Player.

Nox Player Review

The guys at Bignox have built an Android Emulator that lets you play games like Clash of Clans, PUBG Mobile, or Ragnarök M: Eternal Love on your PC with a bigger screen and full support over your keyboard or controller. If you have a decent PC, you can tweak the CPU, RAM, and graphics settings to your heart’s desire. All of this combines to deliver an experience that feels like Android was built for Windows.

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Free Android Emulator for Windows PC

The keyboard mapping in ARPGs gives you an advantage over other players as your response time is much faster. You can also configure or set other keys to release skills or take shots. As you can see from the screenshot, the controls and triggers can be placed anywhere you want. If you perform well with different placements, this makes it all possible.

Just like your phone, you can use a gamepad or controller to play games on your PC. Many people like using a controller to play games on their PC, and if you have a controller that worked with your phone, it will work over Bluetooth on Nox Player. If you have an Xbox controller, it will work with Nox Player as well.

The “Dolphin Emulator” supports multiple Android versions, including Android 4.4.2, 5.1.1, and 7.1.2. It is the only emulator which makes it possible to play old games that were not updated for the latest version of Android. By using the Dolphin Emulator, you can play old games that were not updated for the latest version of Android.

With Multiplayer mode you can run several games in different windows at the same time. You can switch between them easily if you want to play multiple games on your computer. This is not possible on Android where you can only run one game at a time.

Nox Player free download

You can download Nox Player for free from, and use it on Windows 10 and Mac. It’s a great combination for many users, especially with powerful hardware. The installation process is simple. Just download and install it like any other software. Once installed, launch the emulator and follow through the initial setup process.

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