PC Helpsoft PC Cleaner Review Scan Cleanup Repair Optimize Windows 10 PC

PC Helpsoft PC Cleaner Review Scan Cleanup Repair Optimize Windows 10 PC, and how there is a huge difference in performance on the first day and after a month. The article also mentions how restarting, removing the files, and following what Windows has to offer helps a bit, but not in the long term. PC Helpsoft PC Cleaner is a professional software that excels in cleaning up

PC Helpsoft PC Cleaner launches with your PC configuration and recent scan status displayed on the dashboard. You can cancel the first scan immediately after setting it up the first time.

You have different sections on top of the application—

  1. Clean UP,
  2. Security,
  3. Optimize, and
  4. Toolbox.

The dashboard offers the option to manage a startup, which is useful if you need to wait to start using the computer after you login.

  • Clean up—Registry Scan, Manage Startup, Uninstall, Privacy scan, Residual files, Find Large Files, and Delete Duplicate Files.
  • Scan for malicious programs; Check security (AV and Firewall); ID Scan; Shred files (delete files without a trace); Device wiper; and Optimize Privacy Settings.
  • Optimize—Windows Repair, Advanced Scan, Memory Boost, Optimize SSD, Analyze Disk, System Monitor Log, and Windows tools.
  • Toolbox— Manage License, Device Drivers, pop-up notification, Data Recovery, Cleaning Report, Automatic scan, and system monitoring

This software is a one-man-army solution almost to fix everything on your computer. Right from finding rouge files on your computer to optimizing the performance of the computer. It also offers a link to download the PC HelpSoft Driver Updater which comes in handy if you are still running on the older version for download.

How does the scan perform?

The software does an extensive scan of the computer. It scans through Registry, Internet, Privacy issues, Chat history, system clutter, find invalid shortcuts, empty recycle bin, block popups, boost startup, and Security check.

This is a brilliant list that will take a lot of time for the general user, and it can complete the scan in a few minutes. Once the scan is complete, it gives a one-click button to fix all of them. If you are doing it for the first time, it is recommended to review each, and then choose to clean.

Cleaning up your computer’s memory and startup processes can help speed up your login experience. Disable apps that you don’t often use from Startup and even those which are scheduled to run later.

Advanced Features

That said, you can also choose to run individual features available under different sections. Some of the notable are:

Optimize your computer for performance and efficiency with Windows Repair, Advanced scan, and Analyze Disk.
Security offers features such as ID Scan to remove personal ID information trackers and delete files forever. The latter makes sure that your files are not recoverable, which is essential when you are heading over the storage to someone else.

Managing pop-ups: The Toolbox offers to manage pop-up notifications for all the browsers in one place. It also includes a list of blocked pop-up notification if you need to review it. It also includes License keys, which help you collect all software keys and save it in one place. That saves a lot of time if you ever need to reset PC and activated all of them.

Useful Features for Regular Users

Large Files and Delete Duplicates are two powerful tools you can use to eliminate files that take up too much space. Similarly, the Uninstall option makes sure there are no leftover files on the computer, and any related entries from the registry are also removed.

How is the performance of the PC Cleaner?

This text was smooth on the computer, and it didn’t slow down the PC. You could keep running the scan in the background while doing the regular work.

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Overall, the experience of using PC Helpsoft PC Cleaner was great. The feature it offers is extraordinary, providing solutions for many problems that PC users face on a daily basis. The Oneifix button worked most of the time, but you can always try the advanced solutions if you want to be sure you’re doing it correctly. We recommend you do it with complete awareness, so you know what you’re doing.

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