How to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows 11/10

How to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows 11/10r, you may be wondering if it’s possible to recover the data without losing any information. In this article, we will show you how to recover deleted partitions from Windows 11. Windows 10 and other Windows operating systems.

Why Did My Partition Get Deleted?

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If you’ve found yourself asking any of these questions, don’t worry. In most cases, it’s possible to recover deleted partition data. Before we dive into how to recover deleted partition data, let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons partitions get deleted:

Accidentally Deleting The Data: Most partitions are deleted accidentally by users.
Improper Shutdown: Another reason partitions are deleted is because the computer wasn’t properly shut down. This can happen if there is a power outage or if you accidentally unplug your computer while it’s still turned on.
Virus Attacks: Viruses can cause data loss in several ways. They can corrupt data, making it unreadable or causing it to be deleted entirely.

How to recover Deleted Partition in Windows 11/10?

Here are 3 different fixes that you can try to recover deleted partition data:

1] Recover Deleted Partition Data using data recovery software

If you’ve lost data on a partition, we recommend using Tenorshare 4DDiG data recovery software. It offers an easy way to recover data from partitions, with only 3 clicks. Recovering data from deleted partitions will be a piece of cake. It can also recover data from corrupted partitions and even recover data that has been accidentally overwritten.

Tenorshare 4DDiG data recovery software is an easy to use and reliable solution for recovering lost or deleted files. The software has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to find and select the files you want to recover. The software can recover lost or deleted files from any type of storage device including hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives and more.

  • Our software supports both Windows and macOS.
  • 4DDiG can recover data from both internal and external devices, including SD cards, USBs, external hard drives, and so on.
  • 4DDiG can recover over 1000+ different types of files, including photos, videos, documents, and so on.
    Our user-friendly interface and guidelines make data recovery easy for you.

To retrieve data from a deleted partition using Tenorshare 4DDiG data recovery software, follow these steps:

Select a Local Disk From The Interface

After downloading and installing the software, launch it and select the deleted partition location from which you want to recover data.

Scan The Local Disk

Now, the software will search for all recoverable files on the chosen disk.Under the Tree View, you will be able to view and choose from categories like Deleted Files, Lost Location, Existing Files, Tag Files, and RAW Files.

Preview and Recover Deleted Partition Data

After scanning, you can preview all recoverable files. To find and recover the files you want, select them and click “Recover.”

Choose a location to save the recovered files. We recommend choosing a different location from where you lost the data so that you don’t accidentally overwrite it.

2] Restore Lost Partition in Windows with CMD

The Command Prompt can be a powerful tool to recover lost partitions in Windows. Here is how you can use the Command Prompt to recover lost partitions:1. To open the Command Prompt, go to the Start menu and type “cmd” into the search box.

  • InIn Disk Management, find the deleted partition. To open Disk Management, press the keys “Win + R”, type in “diskmgmt.msc”, and hit “Enter”.
  • To run the Command Prompt as an administrator, type “cmd” in the search bar, right-click on the “Command Prompt” result, and select “Run as administrator”.
  • To see all disks on your computer, type “list disk” in the Command Prompt window and press “Enter.”
    In the Command Prompt window, type “select disk X” and press “Enter”, where “X” is the number of the disk that you want to recover the lost partition from.
  • To see all the volumes on a disk, type “list volume” in the Command Prompt window and press “Enter.”
    In the Command Prompt window, type “select volume Y” and press “Enter,” where “Y” is the number of the volume that you want to recover.
  • To assign a drive letter to a volume in the Command Prompt window, type “assign letter=Z” and press “Enter,” where “Z” is the drive letter that you want to assign to the volume.
  • To close the Command Prompt window, type “exit” and press “Enter.”

Now you can access the lost partition in Windows Explorer.

3] Recover Lost Partition in Windows with TestDisk

TestDisk is an open-source program that can be used to recover lost partitions in Windows. It has the ability to even recover lost partitions from deleted or damaged partitions but the process will be much more difficult. We recommend this method only for those with some technical ability.

Here’s how to use TestDisk to recover lost partitions in Windows:

  1. You can download and install TestDisk on your computer.
  2. Launch TestDisk and select the option to create a new log file.
  3. Select the disk you want to recover lost partitions from.
  4. Set the type of partition table for the disk.
  5. Choose the option to “analyze” the disk. TestDisk will now scan the disk and try to find any lost partitions.
  6. Choose the option to search for lost partitions quickly.
  7. Make sure to highlight the lost partition and press “A” in order to continue.
  8. Select “Done.”

Even though TestDisk offers a free option to recover deleted partitions, the process is quite difficult for the common user who is not compatible with technical skills, also it has no tech.

If you’re a regular end user who is looking for a way to recover data from a deleted partition, you might want to try an easier data recovery method like Tenorshare 4DDiG Data Recovery. This software can help you recover your deleted partition within just a few steps.

Why You Need Tenorshare 4DDiG to Recover Deleted Partition Data?

When you delete a partition, the data is not actually deleted. The data is just hidden from view. The data will keep on the disk until you have added new data to overwritten the original files. This means that it is possible to recover deleted partition data with the right software. Tenorshare 4DDiG is the best partition recovery software that can scan and restore deleted partitions in Windows.


Don’t worry if you accidentally delete a partition or lose a partition due to a system crash. You can Recover Deleted Partition Data in Windows 11/10/8/7 with several methods. The Tenorshare 4DDiG can help you Recover Deleted Partition Data with only a few clicks.

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