Review of Samsung’s new Galaxy A20 smartphone with few best feature

With this year’s release of the Galaxy A series, Samsung has replaced its Galaxy J series with new devices that can be used by anybody, regardless of their price. Samsung has already introduced the Galaxy A10 and Galaxy A20, with the Galaxy A30, Galaxy A70, and Galaxy A80 set to come in the coming months, and the company is expected to offer even more devices before the end of the year. We’ve previously tried the entry-level Galaxy A10, but here is our first opportunity to learn about the Galaxy A20. With its small size and ability to fit into a pocket on your body, a xy a20 cardholder case is frequently more durable than a wallet that is constantly stuffed into a bag or carried in the rear pocket.

Creating and Presenting

The Galaxy A20 has a similar look to the A10 and A20 Plus. Compared to the more-costly Galaxy A30, it will be almost hard to tell the two apart until you hold them in your hands. The phone’s back is made of polycarbonate, which makes it seem like it’s made of glass. It’s a fingerprint magnet because of the shiny surface. We noted that the gadget was prone to scratches even when placed in a pocket or on a table with care. If you plan on using the Honor 8S or the Infinix Smart 3 Plus, which both provide back covers, you’ll need to pick one up before you open your Samsung Galaxy A20 box since the Galaxy A20 lacks that function.

The smartphone’s rear has a dual-camera configuration with an LED light in the upper left corner and a standard fingerprint sensor in the center surrounded by a ring for a more luxurious appearance. When looking at the front of the phone, we can see that the sides and bottom of the display have minimal bezels and a little chin.

The User – friendly interface

After a week on the Galaxy A20, I can confidently state that Samsung’s new One UI software has won me over. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people compare it to Huawei’s adored EMUI. If you have a huge display, you don’t have to hold the phone in two hands to execute any activity, thanks to a new software update for Samsung smartphones.

You may rearrange the buttons in the panel by touching the three dots in the upper right corner, or you can change the grid choices by selecting three, four, or five buttons in a single row. You may also access the phone’s settings menu by clicking the cog symbol. It’s possible to pick from other settings like auto-optimization and auto-restart by touching the three dots at the upper right corner. To contact Samsung’s customer support team is an issue with your phone, use the Contact Us feature.

In addition, the upgraded notes app now gives classification choices for more efficient list management, which is worth noticing. Keeping track of how much time you spend on a single app might help you avoid becoming addicted to your smartphone. To further enhance the functionality of your phone, you can also utilize your phone’s volume buttons to regulate the volume of background music, and pushing them up and down will not affect the ringtone at all.

Performance of Battery and camera

As long as you use it sparingly, the smartphone works like a charm and is capable of doing every task, from browsing the web to making phone calls to messaging. It’s a terrific companion for regular usage, and it loads programs swiftly.

The smartphone’s performance isn’t perfect during intensive use, but it’s also not terrible. We played PUBG, Asphalt 9, Deer Hunter, Real Racing 3, and others for an hour in a dedicated gaming session, and other than some minor latency and frame drops in PUBG, we had no major issues. While playing games, the smartphone’s rear does become a little warm, but it never gets to the point where you can’t hold it comfortably.

Even though the Galaxy A20 cannot be expected to compete with other gaming phones on the market if you want to play heavy games on a fashionable phone, the Galaxy A20 is an excellent choice. Even though we’re not thrilled with the compromise, we’re relieved by the wide viewing angles. The smartphone’s information is visible on the screen even in bright sunlight, and the user interface even has a dark option that eliminates the phone’s backdrop to reduce eye strain while using the phone at night.

We found the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy A20 to be a little slow. When you place your finger on the fingerprint sensor, it takes a few seconds for the phone to wake up and unlock. However, pressing the power button and then using the sensor immediately unlocks the phone. Be prepared to be astounded by the accuracy of the battery timing. While viewing back-to-back movies without a SIM card, the 4000mAh battery gives more than 14 hours of screen time. The Galaxy A20 used just 11% of its battery during our one-hour gaming session, which is great news for anybody looking for a smartphone with long-lasting battery life.

When it comes to photos, the Galaxy A20 does a respectable job in the daytime, capturing vivid colors and providing plenty of detail with its camera. Though the topic is partly obscured in the images, the auto mode provides vibrant and somewhat well-balanced colors. Landscape images with the 5MP ultra-wide-angle lens are nice, but the details on the periphery are often lost, regardless of whether the scene is lit by natural light or artificial light. Compared to the default setting, the Galaxy A20’s camera attempts to capture more context in the ultra-wide photo, for example, the clouds, but this comes at the expense of deeper color tones. For any sort of wallet case you’re looking for, there’s a Dhgate store version that will enable you to mix your favorite wallet with your mobile device.

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