Solar Winds Network Packet Sniffer helps you analyze network traffic

Solar Winds Network Packet Sniffer is network software that can help IT admins figure out issues with the network traffic which affect the overall experience to access anything. Here, we will review the software, share the pros, and cons, and tell you what you should be careful about.

What is a Network Packet Sniffer

When a device communicates with another device, it sends a data packet filled with information. A network tool that can read these packets is called a sniffer. Network packet sniffers are software tools used to read data on a network to find the root cause of poor end-user experience and monitor network traffic anomalies. A network sniffer copies data from a network stream and tries to read it. Data can be anything, including passwords, transaction details, or plain text messages. A network packet sniffer can check the integrity of a network and fix any loopholes. In the wrong hands, a network sniffer can be dangerous.

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Solar winds Network Packet Sniffer review

This software can calculate network response time and app response time in real time to determine if the end-user quality of experience is impacted by the network or app.

Solar winds Packet Sniffer Pros

The network monitoring dashboard provides a broad overview of your network activity, measured across multiple metrics. This can help you identify whether a slow network is due to an application bottleneck or other issues. Since most applications rely on data communication, network performance is an important factor to consider.

The software offers a dashboard that can chart data points. These data points help you understand the quality of experience of your users. The dashboard displays a quick-glance summary of a variety of network and application performance metrics.

A word of warning for Network Packet Sniffers

Network sniffers are software tools used by IT administrators to troubleshoot and resolve network issues. In many cases, it is the network that slows down the response, rather than the application. However, in the wrong hands, network sniffers can pose a threat.

The problem with network sniffers is that they can be used to steal personal information over unencrypted public Wi-Fi networks. That’s why it’s important to use a VPN like Express VPN when connecting to public hotspots. VPNs encrypt your traffic, protecting your data from network sniffers.

SolarWinds Network Packet Sniffer is an excellent software for those looking for an ultimate solution to monitor and analyze their network traffic. The sniffer is going to be helpful to deliver balanced performance for companies hosting applications or building one for the client, which depends on the network.

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