System Mechanic Ultimate Defense offers powerful PC optimization, security, privacy & data protection tools

The internet is full of websites that can harm your computer and the data on it. It is essential to safeguard your PC, and if you are not a geek, then it becomes even more critical. While there are many software and security solutions available today, we are reviewing System Mechanic Ultimate Defense. This software offers all-in-one protection for your computer. It provides tools for performance improvement, malware removal, privacy features, and more.

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense review

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense promises better PC performance, real-time AV protection, removal of malware and data protection, secure web browsing, password and credit card management, and more. Phoenix 360, a product from Iolo, is included in System Mechanic Ultimate Defense and offers security, privacy, and optimization. All this will also be available with the new version.

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System Mechanic Performance Optimization

The software’s top priority is improving your computer’s performance by optimizing it in the background. You can also manually run optimizations whenever you want. The first time we ran it, it showed us how many junk files were on my computer and that our hard drive needed to be defragmented. The software also offers a deeper scan to figure out even more.

Privacy Guardian online privacy protection

Privacy concerns are a top priority for Windows users. The privacy module in System Mechanics Ultimate Defense can help by detecting tracking, protecting your browser, clearing cookies on a schedule, and whitelisting options.

Once you enable tracking detection and browser protection, you will be guarded against all digital tracking. Try turning it off and then on again to see the effects.

Malware Killer on-demand malware removal

This module is important because it can find out if there is any malware already installed on the computer. If anything is found, it is quarantined and removed from the system. System Mechanics uses its heuristics algorithm to reduce the detection time for brand new outbreaks. It even maintains a database in the cloud that can detect threats early. In case of any suspicion, the file is sent to the cloud sandbox for further analysis.

System Shield real-time antivirus protection

While the Malware Killer scans for existing malware, the System Shield offers a real-time anti-malware solution and firewall. It monitors the behavior of data in real time to figure out if any installed files are going to harm your computer. The Shield also offers to check data against malware signatures to further secure the computer.

System Shield is an old product from the developers. You can always disable it and use other antivirus solutions. I think it’s great that the developers provide this option, and let users have control over how they want to use the software.

Search and recover deleted file recovery

The software provides two additional security features: a tool to recover deleted files and a way to remove a file so it cannot be recovered completely.

Switch to Search and Recovery, and you can choose a drive to scan, location to copy recovered files, and the type of scan. The Smarts can option eliminates unnecessary files, i.e., It skips unnecessary files making the search a lot easier. The second option—Strong Scan—performs a sector-level search. It offers a better chance of data in a usable state.

Drive Scrubber drive wiping technology

The last feature on the list is drive wiping technology, which can securely delete any data from your computer. In other words, no other software can recover those files. It uses a disk cleaning technique that meets the U.S. Department of Defense 5220.22-M disk-sanitizing standard.

The drive is erased completely, but you can also choose how many times it will be overwritten to make sure no data is recovered.

System Mechanic’s Ultimate Defense is an all-in-one PC optimization and security tool that offers an ultimate solution to protect you from internet threats and malware secures your privacy, improves PC performance, and offers file recovery solutions.

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