The best VPNs for Windows right now – Detailed Guide

Windows is the most popular operating system, but its popularity also makes it a primary target for cybercriminals. If you’re a Windows user, you need to take steps to protect your PC from hackers. In addition, Windows 10 has many privacy issues. For example, Windows 10 uses integrated advertising and data synchronization with Microsoft servers to give users a more personalized experience, but this can compromise your privacy. The best way for Windows users to protect their privacy and security is to use a VPN. A VPN establishes a secure internet connection, so your data is encrypted and transferred through the VPN’s servers. This Keeps it safe from third parties. In this article, we’ll fill you in on the best VPNs for Windows right now.

Best VPNs for Windows 10

Since most malware attacks and hackers target Windows users – simply because it’s the most used operating system – it’s crucial to make use of reliable tools to stay safe online as a Windows user. One such tool that helps you do this is a reliable VPN which can help make your internet connection a lot more secure. A VPN effectively protects your privacy online by encrypting your traffic, thus concealing your browsing activity, and assigning you a different IP address to protect your anonymity online.

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Express VPN

Express VPN is a top-rated VPN in almost every category and is one of the best VPNs available for Windows 10 users. Their Windows VPN app is extremely user-friendly and straightforward to use and has OpenVPN encryption, which makes it incredibly secure. Express VPN has an extensive server network in 94 countries and is known for its high-speed connections and download speeds. This makes it ideal for P2P filesharing and HD streaming. This VPN also works with all major streaming services and is excellent at unblocking region-restricted content. Whether you want to binge-watch that latest Netflix show that’s blocked in your country or download some large torrent files, Express VPN is a great bet for any Windows user.

Nord VPN

For Windows users who want the highest levels of security without breaking the bank, Nord VPN is an excellent choice. The service starts at $2.99 per month but doesn’t skimp on security features. Nord VPN has a unique double encryption system, which means your data is 2048-bit encrypted and gets additional levels of security. Nord VPN also has a zero-log policy, a network of over 5,000 servers, and DNS leak protection.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is based in the United States and provides both a free and premium version. The two versions have high speeds and security, with the paid version offering more features. The service is highly secure, with AES-256 encryption over OpenVPN and protection against DNS leaks. It does not keep logs of your activity, but it does keep connection logs.

The Windows app is easy to set up and use for beginners, but it is lacking some advanced features like a kill switch or the ability to track bandwidth. The paid version starts at $2.49 per month for an annual plan and comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee.


Although there are many VPNs available for Windows, the good news is that there are lots of options to protect your Windows PC from hackers. Any of the VPNs we discussed are great choices for Windows users. It’s just up to you to decide which features are most important to you. Installing a VPN is an excellent way to secure your Windows PC, so we strongly recommend giving one of these services a try.

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