VideoProc Vlogger Review: Best Free Video Editing Tool For Vloggers & Video Makers

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Content creation has flourished in recent years, making it much easier to generate clips for a portfolio, a project, and other purposes. However, if you decide to generate material, you’ll need to edit it, so which video editing application is the best.

One such tool for editing audio, video, and graphics is VideoProc Vlogger. It is a cross-platform video editing tool that allows organizations of all sizes to edit audio, video, and graphics using an easy drag-and-drop interface.

VideoProc Vlogger Features and Review

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One of the most appealing things about VideoProc Vlogger is how user-friendly it is, which makes processing video a breeze for beginners who are just starting.

Installation and Interface

The installation process for VideoProc Vlogger is straightforward and the installer provides good guidance. The software doesn’t require a very powerful machine to run smoothly. The minimum requirements are a 2GHz Intel or AMD processor with at least 1GB of RAM and 600MB of free hard disk space for installation.

Why is VideoProc Vlogger the best tool for Vloggers?

Vloggers can now easily trim parts of a video, remove any unwanted bits, and rearrange clips in any order to form a sequence. VideoProc Vlogger also makes it quite simple to cut a video track, remove black bars, reduce distracting elements, crop in, and emphasize the crucial area. Once you read through the features, it will be clear why it’s the best free video editing software for Windows PC.

The other features of this program are support for adding and exporting subtitles, the ability to apply preset visual effects and filters, and the Motion tool. This tool allows users to use simple camera effects with 28 motion presets or to personalize the path and direction with keyframes.

What we most loved about the software was how it could easily create professional-looking camera movements, including Zoom in/out, Pan, Tilt, Dolly, Truck (move left or right), Pedestal (move up or down), Rotate and Dolly zoom (Hitchcock shot). The effects turn out to be pretty cool looking and could help vloggers keep the audience engaged.

The Bezier curve allows users to ramp up the pace or slow it down to provide a cinema-like effect, giving the clip a more natural and professional look. If you’re looking to shoot epic sport B-roll videos, in-depth tutorials, or any thumb-stopping content, this tool might be the perfect fit for you.

There are over 14 Bezier curve presets to enhance sports videos, adding focus and emphasizing skills. This magnetic timeline comes with rulers and guides that allow you to cut, edit, delete, and set video speed points with higher accuracy. Speed can be changed from anywhere between 1/32X and 32X.

After shooting your video, you can add camera movements with the Camera Movements feature. This includes zoom, pan, tilt, truck, pedestal, push-in, pull out, roll, shaky cam, random, and dolly zoom.

VideoProc Vlogger uses GPU acceleration to speed up editing and transcoding while maintaining excellent video quality. You can choose different aspect ratios for your videos to perfectly meet your needs.

Matching up your cuts with the beat of the background music is cool, right? VideoProc Vlogger makes it happen effortlessly. To start, you just need to select “audio editor”, then click “Analyzer” to select a detecting mode, then you can see all the markers on the timeline. Of course, you can also simply adjust the volume and change the tone from Man, Child, Woman, to Robot.

VideoProc Vlogger makes color grading much easier for Davinci Resolve. You can just choose the preset 93 built-in Luts/filters for videos and images, or make the precise adjustments from the right toolbar.

VideoProc Vlogger has all the essential editing tools you need, from basic cutting and merging to cropping, rotating, splitting, and adding subtitles and music. There are no limits on what you can do, and all of these features are available for free!

VideoProc Vlogger Pricing

VideoProc Vlogger is offered for free for both Windows and Mac. All you need to do is register your email ID to get the license code and activate it. The code will be instantly sent to your Email ID once you register.

Who is VideoProc Vlogger suitable for?

It is clear that the software is for videographers, however, there are certain features which make it best for hobbyist videographers and vloggers. Most video bloggers take video on the move, which gives them the freedom to shoot without limitation. Then, some people use their GoPro. However, putting it up in raw format and simple video editing will not create an impact. That is where the software aces, using its Speed Ramping Effects and Camera Movements. All this, combined with its precise editing, makes it perfect for Vloggers.

On top of the easy-to-edit video features, all of this makes it a perfect choice for those who have just started with video editing. Instead of figuring out complex tools in advanced video editors, it offers straightforward options that help you cut, credit, merge videos, re-sequence parts, slow-motion, and more.


Overall, VideoProc Vlogger is an extremely light, fast, feature-packed video editing tool for Windows and other platforms. The tool has its upsides compared to other applications such as iMovie and Windows’s Video Editor. Thanks to its GPU acceleration, processing 4K videos isn’t a hassle anymore. As for its downsides, there’s a lack of 24×7 telephone or live chat customer support. You can contact their support via email and get replies within 24 hours, or read the step-by-step user guide.

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