Wondershare Document Cloud Review – Cloud-based Document Management Service

Wondershare Document Cloud Review – Cloud-based Document Management Service, online collaboration tools need to get better. The space of online collaboration is not new, and many companies offer services in this area. However, it takes a thoughtful approach to make online collaboration simple and effective for all use cases. Wondershare Document Cloud is one such service that offers a set of features that work for all use cases and provides the right way to collaborate.

What is Digital Signature for PDF documents?

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A digital signature is a means of providing proof of the authenticity of a digital file or document. By verifying the identity of the owner of a file or the author of a document and ensuring that only the creator of the signature can modify the file or sign the document, digital signatures provide validation of digital data integrity.

Wondershare Document Cloud Review

Wondershare Document Cloud helps streamline the process of getting details in a PDF and getting signatures, especially when everyone is working remotely. It offers a secure, cloud-based platform for PDF tools such as electronic signatures, PDF editing, and cloud storage. If you have many clients who need signatures, this is an excellent platform.

List of Features

  • Annotations and comments make it easy to review documents as a team.
  • Sharing files through a secure cloud-based system.
  • Online cloud storage makes documents available from anywhere, which is really handy when you need to access them from multiple devices.
  • The built-in team management features allow you to track and report data, export and analyze your workflow, and improve your productivity.

How does the service work?

The service offers a dashboard that clearly marks sections such as Document, Template Library, Completed, Waiting for me, Waiting for others, and Sign section. The looks may look like online storage, but it is user-friendly and useful for teams. Once a PDF is uploaded, you get access to many operations that include Send for Signature, Bulk Send, Add Comment, Share, Print, Download, and Delete.

SignNow allows users to sign documents electronically with a digital signature or using a touch device. A complete track is maintained where the sender can check the progress, including viewing of the document and if the signature was made. On the side of the receiver, users get multiple ways to sign, and they do not have to make an account with the Wondershare Document Cloud. They will have to click on the Signature Box and either type or draw to add the details.

Wondershare Document Cloud guarantees the security and privacy of every document for its users. The cloud storage service tracks and stores all digitally signed documents in a secure environment, ensuring that they can be used as legal documents in business.

The next step is to use a Template. Instead of creating the elements where the users need to sign and fill the document, a template can be applied to an existing document.

Integration with the PDFelement Pro DC

The last element is the PDFelement Pro DC, a desktop tool that allows you to manage everything in your document. Wondershare Document Cloud is integrated into the platform, which means you can upload your document to the cloud and also directly send it to be signed from PDFelement itself. Although it is sold separately, it only makes sense to get it along with PDFelement if you need the Signature tracking and management feature.

PDFPDFelement Pro DC is a powerful tool for editing, converting and annotating PDFs. It can help users edit PDF documents often used for presentations, reports and financial documents without any hassle. It has many features to help users edit, annotate, convert and extract information from a PDF file.

Wondershare Document Cloud Pricing

The Document Cloud is offered at $29.99 USD/Year and $19.99 USD/Half-year. Another plan—PDFelement Pro Bundle—offers Desktop + Cloud version at $99.99 USD/Year and $65.99 USD/Half-year. There is a team plan as well, which offers Document Cloud at $39.99 per user annually, and combined with PDFelement Pro DC, it will cost USD 109.99 annually.

Wondershare Document Cloud is an excellent choice for digital signatures and document management, providing comprehensive functionality at a fraction of the cost of alternatives like Adobe.

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