Wondershare Mockitt Review: Prototyping, Design, and Flow Chart at one place

Wondershare Mockitt Review: Prototyping, Design, and Flow Chart at one place, execute, and improve your projects. Feedback about what you are doing right or wrong can be gained through prototypes, which can help you avoid possible pitfalls and wasted time and energy. Wondershare Mockitt is a tool that can help with the creation of prototypes.

Wondershare Mockitt Review

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Mockitt from Wondershare.com is a great online UI/UX design platform that you can use to create prototypes, vector designs, mind maps, flowcharts, interactive diagrams. You can do all this together with your team, where each one can play their part in real-time.

It’s broadly divided into three parts—

  • Flow Chart,
  • Prototyping,
  • Design.

You can start with a basic concept and build it into a design. Then, you can create a flow chart to determine how everything fits together.

Features of Wondershare Mockitt

Flowchart tool

This tool helps you understand the flow and progress of your design with screens. It helps you understand how far you have reached. This, in turn, helps you send out a clear message to everyone where the project stands.

The quickest way to make a flow chart is to use a tool that allows you to quickly switch between themes and styles, collaborate with others with design history to help you move back and forth, and templates to help you get started.

Prototyping tool

The most important part of building a mockup is making it appealing to the consumer, as they would see this as part of their final design. To do this, use a tool that offers drag and drop prototyping (zero learning curve) along with an extensive library of widgets and templates.

While these designs are not final, if you can build a mockup that looks decent enough, it will be hard for a client to be convinced. All this without coding is a solid bonus over everything.

Design tool

One of the best features of the design tool is the ability to collaborate with the design team in real-time. The tool provides a wide variety of vector tools (pen, bezier curve), pen tool for smart page layout adaptation, page layout tool, and widgets. You can also create design specifications and standards for your team so that everyone follows the same.

When you’re ready to show your customer the design, you can make changes in real-time and let them see it to get their feedback.

How to use Wondershare Mockitt – Tutorial

ThereWondershare Mockitt offers an intuitive interface for all three stages of making a mockup—FlowChart, Prototype, and Design.

Step 1: Build a Workflow

The “flow chart tool” allows you to create a user flow with screens and events that help you trigger interaction. Once you have selected the minimum requirement, you get access to the Editing area where you can add elements.

Step 2: Prototype the app

With the Prototyping tool, you can create screens and build interactions between them. For example, you can link the button event to the next screen in the project. This will help you understand what happens next, while the consumers will only see the interaction.

Step 3: Design a logo or any icon

The design tool Mockitt can be used to design icons and logos using the Pen, Bezier curve, and Boolean functions. You can also create teams for different purposes. If you have a Sketch file, you can import and convert it. With history management, there is nothing to worry about.

The new tool supports adding these to prototyping screens, so the product feels closer to reality. Real-time preview lets the design team quickly check and change in the browser to get a clear understanding.


Building a product isn’t easy. The right set of tools that help you design, bring clients into the pre-product scenario and collaborate in real-time are key to success. Wondershare Mockitt ace all these aspects!

Wondershare offers its Mockitt tool to everyone, including those who want to try. The personal version is $69/year or $12.9/month and doesn’t have a real-time collaboration feature. The enterprise version is $99/seat/year, supports real-time collaboration and Android APK export. (Users can create enterprise space in Mockitt and enjoy a 20days free trial)

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