LG TV Model Numbers Explained & Lookup Methods (2022-2023)

LG tv model number lookup explanation, LG TVs come with a specific set of numbers and letters allotted to each model.

These numbers enable users to have an idea of the number of screen inches, resolution, display type, series number, manufacturing year and country in which the TV was made.

If you are unsure of the model number on your Smart TV, this guide will allow you to find what it is. We’ll also help you find out all about your LG TV’s model number whether it be for D or E series smart TVs.

LG tv model number lookup explanation

In the event your Samsung TV model number is not found in our database or you are an owner of another type of TV (e.g. LG, Sony, etc.) please see our guide on finding and decoding the TV model number in order to obtain key info about your TV .

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LG TV model numbers are the easiest to come across. The location of your TV’s model number is usually something that requires no effort on your part.

In this specific case, LG tv model number lookup explanation you can find all the relevant details related to LG HDMI inputs within this website’s owners manual online via Search & Find or as a downloadable PDF.

Method 1

The easiest way to determine what model your LG TV is, is by accessing the main settings. From there, you’ll want to choose All Settings followed by General.

Within this menu, look for About This TV and select it. Next, you’ll find a series of letters and numbers that tell you exactly which one you currently own and use on a daily basis – how great. lg-tv-model-number 1

Method 2

LG has become one of the best manufacturers of TV and offering a great variety of models to everyone.

And since there are too many types of people watching their TVs, LG tv model number lookup explanation there is a big chance that you will get confused between two or more models and choose something for yourself which won’t match with your viewing environment or application need. lg-tv-model-serial-number 2

From 2011 to 2021, LG TV model numbers have changed significantly.

Although the overall function is kept the same throughout the years, we can see how format changes in line with a lot of other factors like Internet connectivity, LG tv model number lookup explanation new image and sound formats, and even a change of company name itself.

Let’s check how we can decode the model numbers of LG TVs to discover more about their specs.

If you visit the TV section of LG’s website, you’ll find a variety of televisions for sale there. The manufacturer was founded in 1958 and has been designing televisions ever since.

You can find old and new models on the website, but none are listed with its year of release. LG tv model number lookup explanation Looking at the model number, however, shows that any television produced after 2010 is equipped with ultra-high definition (UHD) capabilities.

LG TV Model Numbers (2011-2018)

This LG TV model number decode guide will help you identify or determine the specifications of your models when purchased just recently.

These may be TVs that were released between 2011 and 2018 and have now been discontinued and include screen possibilities using Plasma, LED, UHD LED, Super UHD as well as early versions of OLED and Nano Cell technology. lg-tv-old-model-number 3

The model number of LG TVs consists of 10 characters and can be split into 8 groups as shown above. The first two values, LG (Lucky-Goldstar).

Contain the branding of the manufacturer. LG tv model number lookup explanation The 2nd value is the screen size of the TV diagonally in inches, while the 3rd value is unit type code which authoritatively tells about the screen technology used in the TV.

  • C: LCD
  • E: OLED
  • L: LED
  • P: Plasma
  • S: Super UHD/Nano Cell
  • U: UHD LED

Check the 6th character in your LG TV’s serial number to determine the year in which it was manufactured. For example, an HE8590 serial number indicates that the TV was made in 2015.

  • V: 2011
  • W/M/S: 2012
  • A/N: 2013
  • B/C: 2014
  • F/G: 2015
  • H: 2016
  • J: 2017
  • K: 2018


The 7th and 8th characters in the older LG TV model numbers tell about the series and the model within that series.

Many times, TV manufacturers update new versions of television sets to keep them relevant with what’s going on within their marketplace.

The 9th character denotes a modified version of a particular set. LG tv model number lookup explanation If the character is absent, then the set has not been updated and if it has, then there’s usually to be found an additional upgraded character next to it.

When it comes to choosing the sort of TV tuner that works best for you and your product, ideally you’ll want one that can add flair to your product as well as do what you need it to do.

Speaking broadly, there are two distinct kinds of TV tuners: analog and digital.

  • 0: ATSC (US, Canada)
  • B: HD (1366×768 px)
  • C: DVB-C
  • S: DVB-S2/C/T
  • T: DVB-T/T2
  • U: ATSC (US, Canada), HD (1366×768 px)
  • V: DVB-S2/C/T2

LG LED TV Model Numbers (2011-2021) lg-led-tv-model-number 4

LG’s LED TVs are pretty popular, and although the Nano Cell models are not in the most conventional sense new or cutting edge, I can count myself as a fan.

Earlier this year when I went out to make my purchase of an LG TV for my home office, I was actually surprised that a model like LG Nano Cell TV wasn’t still on offer considering how long it had been around.

However, my fears were allayed somewhat when I actually took time to read up a bit further and found out that since 2018 onwards the company has started using a single digit character coding scheme to indicate screen size (32-inches is marked with a “3” just like 4K is represented with “4” in 32-inch models).

LG didn’t alter the amount of LED TVs of different screen sizes and digital TV tuner types that it models with a certain number range.

Therefore, the model number format hasn’t changed writ large. LG tv model number lookup explanation In order to make things less complicated, the model number can be split into 9 groups for the sake of easy decoding.

Anyway the format of LG TV model numbers begin with the diagonal size of the TV screen in inches. The first digit denotes how big the screen is, in this case it’s 75-inches. They then have a manufacturer code for what type of television it is, A for LED.

  • E: OLED
  • L: LED
  • P:  Plasma
  • S: Nano Cell
  • U: UHD LED

The fourth character of the LED TV model number from LG represents when it was released, for example in 2015 2.

  • V: 2011
  • M/S/W: 2012
  • A/N: 2013
  • B/C: 2014
  • F/G: 2015
  • H: 2016
  • J: 2016
  • K: 2018
  • M: 2019
  • N: 2020
  • P: 2021

LG TV series range from 0-9, the last two characters of an LED TV model number tell you what type of television it is. The first number refers to the series number and the second number refers to the specific set within each series.

The 7th and 8th characters show a modification has been made on an existing TV line. LG tv model number lookup explanation “00” indicates that it is the original and first television in its series and “01” shows that a hardware change has been made on this line that improves performance or design in some way.

LG LED TV models with a 9th digit after the LG KE (the first 8 characters signify LG Electronics) are designed specifically for certain markets, like North America.

  • A: USA, Canada, Latin America
  • P: Asia, Europe, and all other continents
  • S: UK, Singapore, and some European countries
  • W: Korea

The 10th character in the LG TV code denotes the type of digital TV tuner installed in a certain model. This determines the type of signal reception, as well as the country or region a specific television will be sold in.

For example, if your LG television has a ‘t’ in its code, this means it supports ISDB-T (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting), which allows it to receive and decode both digital terrestrial transmissions and analogue cable signals.

In this way, LG tv model number lookup explanation you should now know if your LG TV uses ISDB-, ATSC-, DVB- or DTMB signals based on what characters are present.

  • C: DTMB (China, Hong Kong)
  • J: BS 110 (Japan)
  • L: DVB T/T2/T2 HD/C/S/S2 (Europe, Russia, Turkey)
  • N: ATSC 1.0/ATSC 3.0 (Korea)
  • S: SBTVB (Latin America)
  • T: MPEG-2/4, DVB T2 (Australia, India, New Zealand, Singapore)
  • U: ATSC, Clear QAM (Canada, Mexico, USA)
  • V: DVB T2/C/S2 (Kuwait, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE)

LG OLED TV Model Number Decoder

LG OLED TVs are the next best thing in the world of television entertainment. Their sleek designs and stunning displays bring a newfound level of entertainment for owners.

For anyone looking to purchase an OLED TV from LG, here you can enter any OLED TV model number to decode it literally on the spot. lg-oled-tv-models 5

The model number of your LG OLED TV consists of 11 characters which you can divide into 7 groups.

That makes it very easy to analyze the model number as a whole, not to mention that there is no need for any kind of confusing code in order for you to understand which group each character belongs in and how it affects the product overall.

The company LG is one of the largest producers of televisions in the world. LG tv model number lookup explanation They also make phones, refrigerators, washers etc.

Besides electronic devices they are known for a wide variety of home appliances and household items that help us stay on budget.

The 5th and 6th characters of an LG OLED TV model number tells the screen size. f this value is 55, it means your TV has a 55-inch screen.

The seventh letter in the model number of any TV coming from LG will let you know right off if this item is 1080p, or if it’s 4K or higher.

The same goes for roll-able TVs as ‘R’ can be used to represent models that fold into a neat little self-storing box when not in use.

  • B/C/E/G/W: 4K Resolution
  • Z: 8K Resolution
  • R: Roll able screen

The 8th character in the LG TV OLED TV model number is the code that represents the year your TV was made.

  • 6: 2016
  • 7: 2017
  • 8: 2018
  • 9: 2019
  • X: 2020
  • 1: 2021

LG has altered its method of assigning the 9th character in OLED TV model numbers from 2018 onward.

Prior to this year, all LG OLED televisions used the 9th character as a form of digital television tuner type description as for example.

E might mean an external antenna type or C meant Cable HDTV set-top box, but since 2018 LG introduced a new system where it began using only four different values instead. These numbers represent a sales region or manufacturing country.

Before 2018 (Tuner Type)

  • D: DVB T/T2HD/C/S/S2
  • J: DVB T/T2/C/S2
  • T: DVB T2
  • V: DVB T/T2/C/S2

After 2018 (Sales Region)

  • A: United States of America
  • P: This code is assigned to TVs that can be sold in any country.
  • S: Singapore, United Kingdom
  • W: Korea

According to LG Display, LG tv model number lookup explanation the 10th character in the OLED TV model number represents the Digital TV Tuner Type used in the TV.

  • C: DTMB
  • J: BS 100 (Japan)
  • L: DVBT/T2/THD/S/S2/C
  • N: ATSC 1.0/ATSC 3.0
  • S: SBTVD
  • T: MPEG-2/4, DVB-T2
  • U: ATSC, Clear QAM
  • V: DVB/C/S2

Finally, the 11th character present at the end of your TV’s product code reveals if it is a flat panel or curved screen display.

LG tv model number lookup explanation, most televisions that LG produces are flat-screen displays, so you will most likely find ‘A’ in this position on all LG television products codes.

LG Nano Cell & QNED TV Model Number Explained

If you own an LG Nano Cell or QNED TV, LG tv model number lookup explanation it’s important to know what specific model number of the unit you have so that you can access key information about your TV via an online decoder available from the company.

Example Model Number: 75NANO99TNA lg-nanocell-tv-model-number 6

The product model number system used by LG is as follows; When you look at the 11-digit product code on any given LG television you’ll see that there are 7 unique numerical patterns.

Which allow us to identify components of the display’s specifications including the TV’s panel type, refresh rate and sound technology with each of these amounting to 2 characters in length.

The remaining 4 characters represent retailer specific codes, LG tv model number lookup explanation allowing the TV to be identified by its make, brand and model.

The first two numerical values in the model numbers of LG Nano Cell and QNED TVs tell us about the screen size of the TV in inches.

It is followed by 4 characters ‘NANO’ or ‘QNED’ depending on the screen technology used in your LG TV.

While the 7th character in the Nano Cell TV model number refers to the gadget’s specific series, the 8th character emphasizes its position within the range of products belonging to its individual series.

LG Nano Cell and QNED TVs have a unique identifier, dubbed “the 9th Character”, which can be found in the code number etched on the back of every television.

This special number allows users to quickly identify their TV’s country of manufacture by simply entering its sequence into LG’s country codes table. LG tv model number lookup explanation In this section you can learn more about specific codes and how best to use them.

  • C: China
  • K: Korea
  • L: Europe
  • P: India
  • T: Indonesia
  • U: USA
  • 6: Germany
  • 9: Russia

The 10th character in the model number is the manufacturing date code for your LG Nano Cell or QNED TV.

  • M: 2019
  • N: 2020
  • P: 2021

LG tv model number lookup explanation, flat screen TVs may have a different name for their size but there are universal codes that describe them in various other ways.

For example, the LG code includes 11 numbers and letters, ‘LG’ in front of the model number, an ‘A’ after the code.

The information on the back of your flat screen TV may include additional details that tell you whether or not it is 3D-enabled.

Now that you’re familiar with how to find the model number of your television and decode it, LG tv model number lookup explanation you’re ready to put this article to rest.

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