Check Samsung TV Serial Number and Decode It – Explanation Guide

Samsung tv serial number explained, if you want to check the serial number of your Samsung TV and perhaps to find out some about it, below we will see how this is done on Samsung TVs.

Firstly we can see that it’s best if you have registered your TV as soon as you purchased it by enrolling in Samsung’s Smart Hub program because then you’ll be able to use the Smart Hub app, which might not be installed on a brand new television.

Secondly, if the Smart Hub app is already on your device, then all you’ll have to do is open it from your smart phone (with which you’ll also have most likely integrated Google Play Store) and type in “Serial Number Check”.

Then click the search button and after that enter your 17-digit serial number that can be found on the sticker attached underneath the television itself.

Samsung tv serial number explained

On every TV that comes off the factory production line, there is a unique serial number.

The purchaser of a new TV may be interested in the serial number, as well as other information such as the country of manufacture and its date of manufacture.

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However, this information is usually listed elsewhere on an information sheet that’s typically placed on the back of the TV.

But, wait! There is more! The serial number of a TV is also used by service experts. It tells them where the TV was assembled and who installed the components.

For example, Samsung screens come from Samsung and Sharp but there are also companies like BOE that produce top quality LCDs for mass market televisions manufactured by Samsung, Sharp and others.

If you feel like your Tv needs repair, you can find out when it was made by looking at the information available in the service menu of your tv.

This serial number is used by Samsung to verify if your TV is genuine or not. Samsung can then use your serial number to identify the product as fake and thus, void warranty.

Even if you contact Samsung customer support and report any problems with your device, they’ll ask for the 7-digits code in order to process your request further.

So, how can you tell what a Samsung TV’s serial number is and see if it’s genuine? Samsung tv serial number explained The answer is below

Samsung TV Serial Number Check

If you own a Samsung smartphone, there are 4 ways to check the serial number of your Samsung phone or tablet. When it comes to the serial number of the Samsung Smart TV, you can find it in 4 places.

You can find the S/N mentioned on the TV purchase bill, and on the carton container in which your TV came when you bought it.

Since most people tend to lose old receipts and dispose of bulky cartons, we would recommend checking the rest 4 methods listed below first before returning your device for repair.

Information Slip on the Samsung TV

Take a look at the back of your Samsung TV. On one of its sides, you will see a white information sheet attached to it. This little piece of paper can help you check the serial number of your TV if you’re ever in doubt. samsung-tv-back-serial-number 1

Samsung TV Serial Number in Menu

If you have mounted your TV on the wall, checking the back panel could be a difficult task.

However, there are easier ways to perform Samsung television service checks. One such way is through the settings menu located on your Samsung HDTV units.

  1. Press the Home button on your TV remote. samsung-tv-smart-remote 2
  2. Navigate to Settings and click on it. samsung-tv-settings 3
  3. Navigate to Support > About This TV option and click it. samsung-tv-about-option 4
  4. On the About This TV window, you can check the serial number of your Samsung TV as shown below. samsung-tv-serial-number 5

Decoding Samsung TV Serial Number

The serial number on just about all Samsung TVs helps consumers verify whether or not they have purchased a device that is legitimate.

There are actually 15 alphanumeric characters in the serial number and when broken down into 7 sections of three characters each, you can find details like the date it was made (MSC), Samsung tv serial number explained where it was manufactured (CCC), and where it was assembled (CRL).

It’s important as a consumer to know how to ‘decode’ your particular model of Samsung TV so that you’re able to figure out if yours has been tampered with after you’ve brought it home from one of the many retail stores selling these devices.

I have created an infographic especially for code fans and by enthusiasts who want to know more about unlocking the secret behind their Samsung TV’s serial code.

It will tell you everything that is hidden within your Samsung TV’s serial number in addition to your model number. samsung-serial-number-decoder 6

I own a 55” Samsung QLED TV from 2019. Samsung tv serial number explained Q60R is the model number of my television and NEM600767H is its serial number which you can find on each device’s barcode sticker.

Sure enough, there’s a lot you might want to know when it comes to your product: your serial number could tell you information on what the latest firmware installed on it is, where it was manufactured.

How much time has passed since its last factory reset for example…so if I were you, I’d be trying to collect as many such details as possible about my own stuff so it’s easier for me to pinpoint any issues that might come up in the future and resolve them as fast as possible.

  1. 0795: The first 4 characters of the Samsung TV serial number represent the factory or plant code where your TV was assembled. Within this set of characters, each character represents specific suppliers that
  2. 3: The 5th character, that is 3 in this case, is Samsung’s product code for smart TVs by the manufacturer.
  3. N: The 6th character in the serial number is the country code where my Samsung TV was manufactured. My TV was made in India. You can find where your TV was assembled by matching this character in your TV’s serial number
  • 1: Korea
  • 3: Korea
  • 4: Romania
  • 8: India
  • C: Mexico
  • H: Hungary
  • L: Russia
  • M: Malaysia
  • N: India
  • S: Slovenia
  • W: China
  1. E: The 7th character in the series is the code for the assembly line in the factory where your TV was made.
  2. M: The 8th character in the Samsung serial number is the code for the year your TV was manufactured. Samsung uses M for the year 2019.
  • R: 2001
  • T: 2002
  • W: 2003
  • X: 2004
  • Y: 2005
  • A: 2006
  • L: 2006
  • P: 2007
  • Q: 2008
  • S: 2009
  • Z: 2010
  • B: 2011
  • C: 2012
  • D: 2013
  • E: 2014
  • G: 2015
  • H: 2016
  • J: 2017
  • K: 2018
  • M: 2019
  • N: 2020
  • P: 2021
  1. 6: The 9th character represents the month of the year your Samsung TV was assembled. The 6 in my TV’s serial number shows that it was produced in the month of June.
  • 1: January
  • 2: February
  • 3: March
  • 4: April
  • 5: May
  • 6: June
  • 7: July
  • 8: August
  • 9: September
  • A: October
  • B: November
  • C: December

00767H is the serial number for your Samsung TV. Samsung tv serial number explained It’s an identity code comprised of information like the exact conveyor belt where this particular product was created and the last worker that certified it to be fit for sale.

All of this information is not particularly useful because it doesn’t do much to help consumers determine if a product will work well or not in their own homes.

There isn’t a dedicated service to check a Samsung TV’s serial number. While Samsung does occasionally run promotions where its customers can get their serial numbers checked.

The only reason for doing so is for its customers’ peace of mind. Samsung tv serial number explained If your TV is intended for an overseas market, it doesn’t really matter because your TV still carries the same quality it would have in the region it originated from.

This means you won’t be able to take advantage of warranty coverage on your TV if it’s originally from another country because all Samsung products that originate outside of Russia are not covered by warranties issued as they aren’t considered Russian-made.

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