How To Re-Add Someone On Snapchat If Lost The Username

How To Re-Add Someone On Snapchat If Lost The Username, you can add them again by going to Settings > Apps > Permissions in the Device Menu. Go to Snapchat and turn on the switch beside the “Contacts” option. Then click on Contacts in Snapchat and add the person from your contacts.

Swipe down on the main Snapchat screen to go to your user profile page. Tap the “Add Friends” button. Tap the ‘+ Add’ button next to a Quick Add option. If you’ve lost contact with someone and you’re wondering what their Snapchat ID is, you can ask a mutual friend.

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How To Re-Add Someone On Snapchat If He Lost His Username?

There are some methods you can try if you want to add someone on Snapchat whom you lost.

1. Add his Contact & Find:

If you accidentally deleted someone from your Snapchat account, you can add them back by allowing Snapchat access to your phone’s contact list.

To access contacts from your Snapchat:

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open your device’s settings. The app with the gear icon on your home screen allows you to change your device’s settings.

Step 2: Tap on “App Management” under the device menu. You will find it scroll down.

Step 3: Permissions There will be an option on the menu to tap “Permissions.” This will allow you to access and manage the permissions for the app.

Step 4: You turn on the Contacts setting by swiping the button next to it to the On position. The button will turn blue-green when it’s on.

Step 5: To find your friend’s account that you deleted by mistake, tap on the back arrow in the upper-left corner. This will allow Snapchat to access your device’s contacts. The app will then display which contacts have their phone numbers linked to a Snapchat account.

2. Find from the Quick Add option:

You can re-add someone from your address book on Snapchat by navigating to the “Add from Address Book” feature.

Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open Snapchat and you’ll be taken to the camera view.

Step 2: To open the User screen, swipe down.

Step 3: Tap “Add Friends.” Tap the icon that looks like a person with a plus sign.

Step 4: The blue-lettered heading under your friends’ list is Quick Add. To add a Quick Add user, tap the ‘+ Add’ button next to their name.

Step 5: If you’ve added someone’s name to your phone’s contacts list, they’ll be shown as “In My Contacts” beneath their name.

3. Find Username Asking Mutual Friend:

If you can’t remember a person’s username, one thing that might be helpful is to ask mutual friends for their username or phone number. With that information, you should be able to add the person back to your friends list.

Why Can’t You Find The Person With The Username?

There are some reasons why you would not be able to find a person with the username:The person might have misspelled their username.

1. The person blocked you:

If the person you’re trying to find doesn’t show up when you search for them by name or username, they may have blocked you.To check if someone has blocked you, go to the Camera viewfinder screen and tap the search button. If they don’t appear in the search results, they may have blocked you.

If you’re having trouble finding someone by their username, it’s possible they’ve been blocked. If this is the case, you may still see their username, but you won’t be able to add them as a friend or send them a message.

If the person you think has been blocked is already on your chat list, you can try sending them a message. If you have been indeed blocked, your message will not be sent and you will get a message saying “Failed to send – Tap to try again”.

2. Snapchat Privacy Settings: The user limited his profile:

If you don’t see someone’s profile, it may be that the person has chosen to limit his/her account to a private view. In your privacy settings, you can tap the settings gear button in the Profile screen to open Settings. Then, scroll down to the “Who Can…” section and tap an option. Choose an option, then tap the back button to save your choice. By doing this, you can control who can see your profile.

3. Person No longer on Snapchat:

To know if someone has deleted their Snapchat, search for them on the app. Go to the “explore bar” at the top and type in their Username. If you don’t recall it, try their real name or type something close to their Username. Names that correspond to what you entered will pop up on the results menu so you can find your friend among them. Two scenarios may happen:

  • If you can still see their profile, they haven’t left Snapchat. Most likely, this means they’ve removed you from their friend list or they’re just no longer active on Snapchat. To figure out which is the case, tap on their account and check their Snapchat score.
  • If you cannot find someone’s profile, it is because they have either deleted their account or blocked you. To see which one is the case, you will need to search their name using another account.

4. The Username has been changed to a new one:

Now, if you search for a person’s name and it doesn’t show up, it might be that they’ve changed their username. If you have their number, you can ask them on other social media platforms to see if you can find their new username.

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