How to Block Someone on Twitter – Explanation Guide

Twitter can sometimes bring out the worst in people. It could be because they feel more comfortable behind a screen, or maybe they act this way in real life, too. If you’re being harassed, bullied, or just generally annoyed by trolls, there’s an easy solution: blocking them.

Blocking someone on Twitter is like being in the witness protection program – but for social media. Their tweets won’t appear in your timeline, even if you’re tagged. You can’t view each other’s followers, following, likes, or lists. They can’t send you direct messages, tag you in photos, add you to lists, or view your tweets when they’re logged in. Basically, their Twitter presence doesn’t exist to you and yours doesn’t exist to them.

If you have a public Twitter account, keep in mind that the person you block will still be able to see your tweets and information when they aren’t logged in. How to Block Someone on Twitter And if that person creates another account, they can continue the harassment. If that happens, file a report with Twitter or the police.

How to block someone from a tweet

  1. Firstly, Click the three horizontal dots located at the top of a tweet from the account you wish to block.
  2. Then Click Block and select Block to confirm.

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How to block someone from a profile

  1. Go to the profile page of the account you want to block.
  2. Then Click the more icon on their profile page.
  3. Now Tap Block from the menu.

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