How to Turn off Instagram Comments – Detailed Guide

Comments on your Instagram photos or videos can range from being uplifting to frustrating. If you want to get rid of negativity or simply turn off comments for another reason, Instagram allows you to hide current comments and prevent new ones from being posted.

While some might find it more convenient if Instagram let users disable comments altogether, that currently isn’t an option. If you want to stop people from commenting on your posts, you’ll have to go into the settings for each post individually and turn comments off.

How to Turn Off Comments Before Posting

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When you’re about to post a photo or video to your main page, you have the option to disable comments. To do this, after you’ve chosen what you want to post and select the filter you want to use (if any at all), tap the Advanced Settings button on the final share post page. Then toggle Turn Off Commenting and hit the back button. Finally, tap the Share button.

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