Social Commerce: Things You Should Know

Online shopping is going social now.

Across several platforms, social commerce has been growing a lot in recent days. It is a part of the eCommerce umbrella, so you can expect to see a beast on its way. 

eCommerce has already become a huge industry with massive worth. 

Now, social commerce is almost set to widen its wings and start its flight. Still, this concept is a little new to the common people. While most of the businesses are opting for social commerce features, common people still have a lot to know. 

So, here we are with a comprehensive guide on social commerce. In case you are operating any business, this guide will help you to take your business social. 

What Is Social Commerce?

In simple words, social commerce is the selling and buying of both services and goods directly within a social media platform. This particular model has moved social media beyond the traditional role in the usual discovery process. 

It has been done by encouraging users to complete the whole purchase process without even leaving their preferred social media apps. It is not only about Increase Instagram follower numbers or Facebook viewers; it is focusing on selling products and offering users a reliable solution. 

In the year 2020, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest have launched revamped social commerce tools in order to help retailers streamline the online shopping experience during the challenging time of the pandemic. 

The Difference: Social Commerce Vs. eCommerce

Now, as you get the basic idea about social commerce, here we are going to discuss the differences between social commerce and eCommerce.

Typically whenever you are buying or selling any goods or services online, it is considered eCommerce. The model is really convenient, however far from perfect at the same time.

More than half of the traffic comes from mobile devices, and mobile users also have a much higher rate of cart abandonment rate than all those desktop users. For everyday purchases, more and more buyers are now moving to the small screen streamlining their purchasing process is, therefore, the key. 

This is where social commerce comes to rescue the small screen users. It eliminates the drop-off points, which can result in abandoned transactions. 

Benefits Of Social Commerce

Now, it is time to know the benefits of social commerce. This way, you will be able to identify which one will be the most convenient for you, between social commerce and eCommerce. 

  • With social commerce, you are getting the opportunity to expose and promote your business to a wider range of audiences across the globe. 
  • You are also getting an opportunity to grow your audience with an enormous user base.
  • Social commerce can also assist you in increasing engagement and traffic as the user can connect with your brand really quickly and easily.  
  • Social commerce is offering you the opportunity to directly communicate with your audiences and solve their issues. So, you can build trust among your target audience. 
  • You might not know social commerce is capable of offering you a great return on investment. You can track your social media metrics and also can improve your social commerce performance. 

Platforms That Supports Social Commerce

Here are some of the major social media platforms, which support social commerce at present. Let’s have a look at them. 

1: Instagram

Instagram offers you the opportunity to sell your products in different ways. Here they are; 

  • Product sticker.
  • Shoppable stories.
  • Shoppable posts.
  • IGTV shopping. 
  • Explore tab shopping.
  • Instagram reels shopping. 

2: Facebook

Facebook offers Facebook Shops that are completely customizable and also allows shop owners to import the product catalog or also can create one on the platform. 

3: Pinterest

Pinterest has been in this space for a really long time. It is mostly used for shopping inspiration for business accounts one also can use for completing shopping. 

4: TikTok

Although it is one of the very new social media platforms, it is still emerging as a strong influencer marketing base. In February 2021, it launched Seller University for selling users their goods. 

5: Twitter

For years, Twitter has already had shopping options. They have just made a few adjustments to social selling on the platform with passing the time. Now, users can shop products without leaving the app. 

Any Doubt?

We believe after reading this article; you have got an overall idea about social commerce. We also understand this is a whole new thing for most of you, so it is obvious that you will have some queries and questions. If you have any doubts, feel free to reach us.

We will try to get back to you as soon as possible with some reliable solutions.

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