How an Aftermarket Fuel Injector Can Improve Your Vehicle

Finding the right upgrades to keep improving your vehicle’s performance is a matter of understanding how different systems and components work together and limit one another. One often-overlooked upgrade is the fuel injector, but there are a few reasons why upgrading yours could help you, especially if you run a turbocharger or supercharger.

Refresh Your Performance

If you have been running your current fuel injectors for tens of thousands of miles, just replacing your old ones with new OEM parts will refresh your fuel injection efficiency. That’s because buildup from carbon deposits hampers the injector’s efficiency over time. Even with regular cleaning, old parts eventually wear down. Upgrading to performance injectors can help a car improve fuel efficiency and regain its original power output.

Can New Injectors Increase Your Engine Power?

The answer is no, but also yes, but also no. Injectors on their own do not usually increase your engine power enough to measure. They may restore the performance of an engine that is limited by worn down injectors, but the power in your engine comes from a combination of fuel, air, cycle timing, and a few other factors. Still, people often notice increased engine power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency after an injector upgrade because of other upgrades that did not have the fuel needed to optimize their performances.

  • Turbochargers or superchargers
  • Performance air intakes and coolers
  • Performance exhaust systems
  • Upgraded spark plugs

These are four of the most common upgrades that improve engine performance your new injectors can support. If you’ve installed any of them, then yes, you’re probably going to see a power increase when you move off OEM injectors and into performance parts. The injectors themselves are not providing additional power, but they are providing the additional fuel needed to make full use of your other upgrades. If you don’t have one, it’s a good idea to check out a supercharger for sale online to see if you can combine the two jobs to get a big performance boost all at once.

Support an Engine Upgrade

Crate engines are a popular way to make a number of performance upgrades at once. They’re great because they cost less than each improvement they make separately and the performance you can expect is easy to understand from the kit’s benchmarks. OEM fuel injectors are built for an OEM engine, however. They often lack the precision and volume to keep up with the capacity of a new engine, especially if they are older parts.To get the most from your crate engine, you need to be able to give it all the air and fuel it needs. Chevy crate engines typically benefit from performance injectors, improved air intakes, and exhaust systems that keep the air moving through the engine. If you’re already adding the engine, it just makes sense to improve the airflow and fuel delivery. Match those upgrades to an ECM that can deliver multiple performance profiles on command, and then you’ve really got something. Check out your options today.

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