How Jai Paul lost his career to piracy

The name Jai Paul might not ring a bell immediately, but believe us when we say we’re talking about what could have been one of the biggest pop stars as of today. The story of Jai Paul is an amazing but sad story, that could as well be defined as the worst nightmare of every artist. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to Jai Paul: who is he and what happened to him?

Jai Paul: the come-up

We’re going back to 2007. The UK music scene is absolutely buzzing, with big bands and artist arriving to the music scene left and right. One of these names is Jai Paul: an interesting figure that makes an interesting mix of EDM with other genres. Once Jai Paul has the spotlight on him, people soon realize we’re not talking about a random bloke here: the music Jai Paul creates sounds like it’s taken from the future. Jai Paul proves his talent in 2009, when his debut single BTSTU shocks the world. Even playing it now will blow your mind, let alone think about how this was back in 2009.

The horror starts

Now that Jai Paul has a spotlight on him, it’s time for him to fully proof his talent. His first song has created high anticipations, but will he be able to translate this into a full album? Things are looking well, but then the nightmare of Jai Paul starts: in 2013 Jai Paul’s self-titled debut album is leaked. Soon after, Jai Paul claims this work isn’t his, but everything is pointing towards him. The music on the album sounds exactly like what he would do, as well as both of his songs are already on there. People are enthusiastic, but are soon shocked to find out Jai Paul is trying to have this album deleted from the internet. Of course, he doesn’t fully succeed, so the album can now be played by anyone who puts in a little effort. Jai Paul is devastated, as he didn’t mean to release his album yet.

2019: the comeback of Jai Paul

Years pass and the full album of Jai Paul is never officially released. Jai Paul disappears out of the spotlight and loses the hype he created for his album, but kept on being an interesting figure for music fanatics, because what really happened to him? It took a while, but in 2019 Jai Paul steps back into the spotlight, finally officially releasing the demo version of his album. With this, he writes a letter to the world, saying the leak of his album lead to a depression, where he failed to find trust in anyone. What would happen next is still unclear to this day, but people have high hopes that Jai Paul will return back onto the music scene, as they’re still very amazed by the music he has released so far.

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