10 Features of an Affordable Inverter

Electricity and technology have become necessities nowadays, so it is crucial to have an uninterrupted electricity supply. An inverter is a kind of power backup solution which supplies electricity to run our appliances in case of a power cut.

An ideal inverter should be durable, efficient, and cost-effective. Here are the characteristics of a low-price inverter that one should keep in mind before buying an inverter.


Image Source: Luminous India

Features of an affordable inverter:

Easy-to-use interface

The power inverter must have an easy-to-use interface. The operation of switching the modes and charging should be smooth and easy. Additionally, a display showing the battery status is a must.


The inverter should be economical and provide all the beneficial features. The cost of inverters varies with the number of batteries, battery type, output, and other features.


The inverter must be efficient and provide a smooth outcome. The efficiency of an inverter depends on the inverter load. It is usually suggested to buy an inverter that is rated for at least 20% more than the power required for your electrical appliances. Also, high-quality sine wave inverters are considered more efficient.


It is crucial to ensure the safety aspect of the device. Therefore, the inverter should consist of a Miniature Circuit Breaker(MCB). It is a protective unit that protects the circuit from overloading.

Charging time and backup

You have to take care of the maintenance and charging of the backbone of an inverter, the battery. The quality of a battery is determined by the charging time and the backup time it provides during the electricity cut. However, it is essential that you ensure that the battery is fully charged and that the acid level of the battery is checked.

Warranty period

When you are spending your hard-earned income, getting an inverter with a minimum of 24 months is necessary. However, the warranty period varies with the different products.

Ideal battery type

Different battery types are available such as tubular, VRLA(SMF), Flat plate, etc. The inverter should support the battery type. Numerous inverters by Luminous are compatible with all these types of batteries.

Advanced features

Many inverters come with advanced features such as:

  1. LED display that shows the status of battery percentage and charging time.
  2. Wifi connectivity
  3. Bluetooth connectivity
  4. Monitoring and control through your smartphone (Android and iOS)
  5. Auto resetting feature to prevent overloading

Suitable for your requirements

One of the most prominent factors determining the ideal type of inverter is your requirements. One has to choose if they want the inverter for appliances at home or work. There are different inverters with different capacities and power.

For instance, single battery inverters are suitable for low capacity requirements, while high capacity inverters consist of two batteries. High-capacity inverters are used for appliances such as printers, mixers, photocopiers, scanners, etc.

Similarly, the Ah rating of the inverter battery depends on the backup hours and power requirements.

Smooth Output

The output, that is, the electricity produced, should be reliable, safe, and smooth. Low harmonic distortion results in the production of a noiseless output. Usually, a sine wave inverter is preferred to generate a smoother output.

Luminous provides all of these features in its economical inverters. So, if you’re looking for a low-price inverter, you can consider the single battery inverter options such as Luminous Eco Volt Neo 1050, Optimus 1250, and Optimus 1250. These are low-capacity inverters that are useful for short and frequent power cuts.

On the other hand, for long power cuts, high-capacity inverters are used which consist of double batteries. Luminous offers products like Power X2250, Optimus 2300+, Optimus 2800+, Eco Volt Neo 1650, etc., that consist of two batteries.

These inverters are not only durable, reliable, safe, and noiseless but also provide fast charging time and backup with advanced features, depending upon the product.

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