12 Easy Mobile Games That Will Get You Hooked

After a long day of stress and running around, unwinding is essential, and you must do it perfectly. If there are no fights in the current UFC schedule or matchups in your favorite sports, you can take the time to play different mobile games to unwind. We advise that you go with games that are not too complex. 

To help you get started, we’ve made a list of exciting mobile games that you can give a try, but we warn you that these games tend to become addictive. If you’re not careful, you might get hooked and forget time. So, you should build discipline while playing the games and ensure they are only for leisure. 

AFK Arena

The first name on our list is AFK Arena, a role-playing game that lets you gather loot and level up even if you’re not playing the game. You must go around forming a team of heroes and strengthening your forces in a bid to save your realm from an ancient evil. You can even battle other players other than going on your epic quest.

Angry Birds Franchise

Since the first installment, Angry Birds has been a game we can’t get enough of. It is an incredibly addictive game that has worldwide popularity, and it even got made into a movie that got recognized all over the world. The game is easy to play, and you don’t need to learn complex controls to start. 


Another easy-to-play game that you can give a try in your leisure time is Ballz. If you remember the classic arcade game, Breakout, you would not have a problem recognizing this one, even though it is not an exact copy. It does have the same principles, where you have different blocks to break using your collection of balls. 

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush came with a bang and completely changed the entire face of the mobile gaming world. It is an addictive game that you can start playing as long as you have a smartphone that can access the internet. The game is enjoyable to play. Depending on your taste, you can try the classics or go with the updated versions. 

Lily’s Garden

Lily’s Garden is perfect if you want a strategy game with a twist. It comes with a mission to restore a depleted garden to its former self as you navigate through a love story composed of different characters. As you play, you decorate the garden, uncover hidden areas, match flowers, and find objects. 

New York Times Crosswords

Crosswords are easy but challenging games that would help boost your thinking while you have fun. If you’re looking for one to choose from, you can try the New York Times Crosswords. It is an exciting game, but once you’re done with the demo puzzles, you must subscribe to continue enjoying the game. 

Plants vs. Zombies Franchise

Plants vs. Zombies is a massive franchise in the gaming world. It is a strategy defense game that requires you to strengthen your defenses against attacking zombies. Ensure that you hold them off through every wave of attack as you go through the levels. You can choose from the various titles available in the franchise. 

Subway Surfers

If you haven’t played Subway Surfers, you are missing out on a lot. It is one of that easy-to-play, straight games with no complex features but can be very addictive when you play. Your goal is to evade capture for as long as possible. As you run, you can collect coins and powerups. But as you do, you should avoid badging into obstacles and oncoming trains.  

Two Dots

Another straightforward game to add to your list is Two Dots. Even though the game is easy to play, you might need to be strategic with your play. It would help build your thinking, and in no time, you can get better at passing different levels no matter how difficult it might seem. You should try it when you want to relax. 


Puzzles are exciting games to play. They are easy on the eyes but can get complicated. Try your luck with Woodoku, and keep passing different levels as you clear the board. There is quite a lot to learn while you play the game. You should know that the game is easy to play but requires some thinking. 

Words with Friends

If you are a fan of the old board game Scrabble, you will love Words With Friends. They have the same base play where you form words from different letters on your board. You have to think of words that go with what is already on the board. You get points based on the words you form and how good you’re with them. 


Putting letters together to form words is interesting. But, it gets better when you have to fill it in a crossword. You’re limited and must think of the best fit. You’re solving a word search as you think of words to form from the unscrambled letters. 

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