6 Tips When Decorating Your Main Living Room

Decorating your main living room is an exciting project allowing you to display your style. As the central hub for relaxing and entertaining, the living room deserves thoughtful attention to create an inviting ambiance. Strategically approaching the decor will help you create a cohesive, functional space you’ll be proud of.

This article will provide six tips to guide you through decorating your main living room. With this overview of the decorating process, you’ll be equipped to take on your living room project with creativity and confidence. Read on for tips to make your main living room as beautiful and functional as possible.

Choose a Theme or Color Scheme

When decorating your living room, having a cohesive theme or color palette is key for creating a pulled-together look—the theme and color scheme you select sets the tone for every design choice. Begin by thinking about the mood you want for the room. Do you imagine it as airy and light or moody and cozy? The theme should align with how you intend to use the space and the atmosphere you want to cultivate.

Next, consider an inspirational jumping-off point like a favorite era or decor style. You can also draw color inspiration from existing items like artwork or furnishings you want to keep in the space. Let the theme guide your color palette and style selections to the smallest details. Pay attention to the room’s natural lighting when choosing colors. North-facing rooms may call for warmer, brighter hues, while south-facing light can handle deeper shades. Let cohesion tie everything together for a curated feel regardless of your initial inspiration.

Consider the Room’s Layout

When decorating your main living room, furniture placement and layout significantly impact aesthetics and function. Maximize the use of the space by paying attention to focal points, traffic flow, and furniture arrangement. First, identify the focal point, like a fireplace or TV. Arrange the seating to face the focal point, allowing adequate space for entering, exiting, and navigating the room. Avoid blocking doors and walkways with furniture placement. Next, note the room’s natural traffic patterns and position furniture accordingly.

For example, float furniture away from doorways to avoid congestion. Leave enough space between seating areas to prevent a crowded feel. Finally, play with furniture angles and configurations—angle seating toward the focal point instead of lining it up directly. Float furniture away from walls to define spaces within an open floor plan. Experiment with arrangements until you find an attractive and practical layout.

Select the Right Furniture

Choosing furniture that compliments your main living room is critical for pulling off a cohesive, functional decor scheme. When selecting pieces, measure the room’s dimensions and doorways to determine what will fit in the space. Search for items in size and scale that are proportional to the room. Match the style of furnishings to your desired theme. For coastal decor, search for weathered wood and linen upholstery pieces. Leather and acrylic lend a contemporary vibe while button-tufting and turned legs give traditional charm. Always double-check dimensions as you shop to ensure everything will work together. For a room with a lot of use, prioritize comfort and durability in construction and fabrics. Test out sofas and chairs to find pieces that suit your comfort needs. Check that all wood pieces have dovetailed joinery. Upholstery in performance fabrics or protected leathers will stand up to pets, kids, and high traffic. Investing in quality furniture will pay dividends for years to come.

Accessorize with Style

Accessories are the finishing touch that takes your living room decor from basic to breathtaking. Blankets, pillows, trays, artwork, and other decor enhance the theme while adding visual interest through color, texture, and shape. First, layer your seating with throw blankets and various patterned and textured toss pillows for a collected look. Coordinate colors and patterns with your existing palette. Iron the pillows regularly to keep them looking crisp. Next, incorporate personalized elements like framed family photos, shelves to display meaningful objects, and custom logo mats at the entry. That is where you can make the space your own. Finally, include lighting elements like table and floor lamps. Their shapes and materials should complement your decor style. With strategic accessory placement, you can strike the perfect balance between tidy and layered.

Lighting Matters

Proper lighting sets the overall mood of your living room while allowing for functionality. Evaluate natural and artificial lighting options to create an appropriate ambiance for various occasions. First, consider any natural light sources that illuminate the room at different times of the day. Supplement abundant light with window treatments as needed for glare and privacy. Dim lighting works beautifully at night with candles or low lamps. Incorporate layers of artificial lighting that work together to set the scene. Overhead fixtures give overall illumination, while task lighting aids with practical activities. Table and floor lamps offer warm, directed light pools ideal for ambiance. Choose fixture styles and bulb color temperatures that complement your decor. For a relaxing sanctuary, opt for warm white bulbs at 2700k-3000K. Cool white in the 4000-6500K range has an energizing effect—place lights on dimmers to easily control the brightness as needed. You can easily transform the living room for any occasion with strategic lighting layers.

Keep it Organized

No matter how beautiful your living room decor is, clutter can quickly make the space feel chaotic and outdated. Make organization a priority with helpful storage solutions and regular decluttering. First, include storage furnishings like ottomans, cabinets, shelves, and organizers to keep items out of sight. Use baskets to corral blankets, magazines, and remotes. Second, declutter at least once per week. Put away out-of-place items, donate unused decor, and clear off surfaces. A quick tidy-up keeps things fresh. Finally, establish homes for frequently used items like keys, phones, and remotes to minimize clutter. Charging stations, entry tables, and trays keep essentials organized. With a strategy for keeping organized, your living room will always feel move-in-ready.


Decorating your treasured living room is an exciting endeavor that brings your design dreams to life. With the theme, layout, furniture, accessories, lighting, and organization tips provided, you’re ready to create a living room you’ll be excited to relax in and entertain in. Begin with your end vision in mind. Choose cohesive decor elements that work on both practical and aesthetic levels. Seek quality pieces that fit the room properly and match your style. Elevate with thoughtful lighting and accessories, and maintain an organization to keep up the room’s welcoming ambiance. Approach your living room decorating project step-by-step.

Before you know it, you’ll have a comfortably chic, customized space you can’t wait to show off! Let these tips guide you to living room decor that reflects your personality and enhances your everyday experiences.

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