7 Emojis You Can Use When Having a Busy Work Day!

Whether you’re a corporate slave, a volunteer, or a business owner, there are times when the goings get incredibly hectic at work. In face-to-face situations, it’s easier for others to see that you have a ton on your plate by simply looking at you. At a glance, they can see you stressed out or wearing your game-face. But how about in online settings?

Let your team and friends know that you are on crunch time using emojis! A vital part of online communication is emojis because they sometimes speak more significant volumes than plain text. So, from the Suitcase to the Honeybee emoji, we’ll go over the different ways you can say that you are busy!

1. Honeybee Emoji 🐝

Let’s now try to cap this list with a more positive context! Meet the honeybee. Bees are hard-working creatures who do a fantastic job pollinating flowers and collecting honey. They are so dedicated that many wildlife photographers capture photos of them drop dead tired, sleeping among flowers. Some of them even sleep with their cute fuzzy buts sticking out.

Sadly, bees are a threatened species because of exploited honey and loss of habitat, among many reasons. In any case, if you feel that the saying “Busy as a bee” relates to your days, use the honeybee emoji that you are good at what you do and that you’re busy as they are!

2. Briefcase Emoji 💼

The first on our list is none other than the Briefcase emoji, which others may also recognize as a suitcase. This emoji is a no-brainer choice because the briefcase serves as an iconic symbol of work or serious business. 

Since the 14th Century, workers have used briefcases to carry valuables like money and documents. They are rectangular bags with a handle that come in dark colors like brown or black, and their materials usually consist of leather. Since many documents these days are in digital copies, you can expect to see laptops, iPads, and other electronic devices in briefcases.

People who typically wear formal clothing to work carry around a briefcase; these include lawyers and business professionals, among others with white-collar positions. If you belong to this demographic, the Briefcase emoji will be a splendid choice to fit in a message. You can use it at the end of a sentence, signifying that you are preoccupied with lawyering or running your business. But even if you’re not a lawyer or entrepreneur, the briefcase emoji can help your readers easily understand that you are in the middle of a critical work situation!  

3. Writing Hand Emoji ✍️

No words can describe the pressure when you have deadlines to beat, even more, if the workload includes writing. So, if writing, editing, or crafting reports is part of your job description, the Writing Hand emoji can best depict the task you’re accomplishing at the moment!

If your communications platform at work allows you to set up your status using emojis, use the Writing Hand emoji to inform your teammates and superiors that you are working on an urgent write-up. Hopefully, it would keep them from messaging you, especially when it’s about something that isn’t urgent. Otherwise, they would hopefully ask permission if they can disturb you. That said, if you write a lot at work, don’t hesitate to use this emoji!

4. Laptop emoji 💻

A more generic emoji that you can use to mean that you’re busy is the Laptop emoji. Since the typical companion of busy professionals nowadays is their laptop, the emoji can help your readers understand that you are preoccupied–and that you are getting things done on your laptop computer. Most professionals resort to the laptop when the nature of their job requires being on the go. That said, the Laptop emoji may be relevant to graphics designers, programmers, photographers, and journalists. 

Since the pandemic, many professionals have converted their laptops into desktop setups to slow down the wear and tear of the hardware. It is also nifty in making work more comfy and ergonomic, not to mention that many laptops today can use two or more extended displays. The Laptop emoji can help you add context about the nature of your work, whether to friends or new colleagues. 

5. Desktop Computer emoji 🖥️

Much like the Laptop emoji, the Desktop Computer emoji portrays productivity that requires a computer. Perhaps two notable differences are worth considering. Since desktops are stationary and more powerful than laptops, this emoji can add context that you are working from home or at the office, and it simply shows that you are more settled-in in your work setup.

Headhunters and recruiters can even use this emoji in job listings on remote work positions, as it helps the post become more visual and engaging.

6. No Entry Emoji ⛔

As work gets busier, it becomes extra help to make yourself clear to your friends and teammates. When you’re serious about not wanting others to disturb you, the No Entry emoji can be your best friend. You will typically find the No Entry sign on roads or areas that prohibit cars or people, and there may be places where authorities may fine you if you violate or disobey the sign.

That said, it is a stronger and more assertive emoji to use in a message or to set as status on any communications platform. Anyone who sees this on your message or status would hopefully not dare bother you while finishing up on urgent tasks!

7. Skull and Crossbones Emoji ☠️

Thankfully, a lot of workplaces are compassionate and understanding. However, if you find yourself working far behind schedule or in a tough spot where your boss is going to be mad–try the Skull and Crossbones emoji. Others also like to call it the “toxic” or “deadly” emoji, as you can associate these words with the emoji’s imagery.

You can use it in virtually any scenario–whether you feel burnt-out or that your work environment is starting to feel more toxic. Regardless, this emoji can draw curiosity from your friends if you’re doing okay. Be sure only to use it with your closest colleagues! And set it as a status on Instagram and not on the communications platform at work! Otherwise, your superiors and colleagues will be more curious about your situation. Worse, they can interrogate or catch a whiff that you’re onto something.


Luckily, more and more communication apps and software are starting to incorporate emojis into their platforms. Some of these platforms that let you set emojis as status are Instagram and Skype, to name a few. This feature can help let others know what’s keeping you busy. 

And the same goes in online messages, that emojis can add more imagery and context to what you’re doing–more so if you want to say you cannot be disturbed. We hope you enjoyed reading this list, and be sure to check out EmojiGuide.com to copy and paste your favorite emojis and know how to best use them!

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