A Better Alternative for Your Database Needs – BangDB

A Better Alternative for Your Database Needs

If you’re making a list of NoSQL databases to review and explore, add BangDB to that list. The rising multi-model database is flexible to meet your needs and incredibly powerful to power all types of mobile applications.

As one of the newer databases to join the NoSQL lineup, it also features some of the most modern technology, features and performance that you will find with any NoSQL database.

Here’s a look at the most influential reasons BangDB should be part of your consideration list when evaluating databases.

120,000+ Developers Have Downloaded and Tested BangDB

More than 120,000 developers have downloaded and reviewed BangDB for their development needs. The database has served a wide variety of industries and use cases. 

BangDB is the foundation for all types of apps. From eCommerce businesses to internet of things (IoT), developers are trusting their applications to BangDB’s database. 

The Free Version Has No Limitations on Use

Use BangDB with no time limit or constraints on commercial use. The free version is truly free and gives you access to this modern database to power your database needs.

You aren’t held to a 14-day trial or using the database only for personal use cases. Instead, enjoy the freedom to use BangDB how you need to.

Multi-Model Data Flexibility

As your application grows and adapts, you might find that you need to ingest, store and process many kinds of data. Having the flexibility to do so with a multi-model database will be helpful. BangDB can store and process these data types.

  • Key-value
  • Column
  • Document
  • Graph

Multi-model databases ensure you have what you need no matter how you decide to change and adapt your application.

2 Times the Performance of Its Competitors

BangDB outperforms Couchbase2, Redis, MongoDB and YugabyteDB for throughput. It has two times the performance when reading and writing operations than these competitors.

Outstanding performance is one of the reasons why developers choose BangDB. It helps ensure an outstanding customer experience and speed for your applications. The database performs at such high rates thanks to buffer pool, true concurrent implementation, IO layer and many other elements. 

BangDB is a Transactional Database

BangDB offers an ACID-compliant NoSQL database. These are hard to find given the nature of NoSQL databases. It’s among very few options for transactional databases. You’ll get the confidence of knowing your database transactions are valid regardless of the challenges you face, such as network errors and disruptions. Whether you’re planning to handle financial transactions or time-sensitive data, BangDB will protect the integrity and reliability of that data.

Native AI Enhances Database Functionality

BangDB doesn’t use another AI product that’s integrated into the system. Instead, artificial intelligence is natively integrated to speed up machine learning. Instead of taking the data to your machine learning, which adds a step and can slow down the process, BangDB allows you to process and learn from data as it flows through your application. 

Stream Processing Offers Continuous Data Intelligence

Stream processing makes it possible for you to ingest and process data in real-time. Whether that means powering predictive analytics or real-time system alerts, stream processing will help you build modern applications. Using stream processing can make for better personalization to help users feel like you know them and their needs.

Download BangDB now to experience its outstanding features and functionality.

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