Apps That Are Essential for Both Android and iOS

Brand loyalty is one of the main reasons we choose a particular mobile device, but it does not have to be the only factor. Because educated consumers understand that certain devices simply fit their budget and usage better than others, you can’t always let a logo dictate what kind of phone or tablet you buy.

As a result of these factors, many of us have multiple mobile devices from disparate manufacturers, which means we spend time switching between iOS and Android in today’s market. The challenge then becomes finding apps that sync between an iPhone and a Samsung tablet, for example—but, as unusual as that may sound, there are actually quite a few apps that allow you to switch between iOS and Android seamlessly.

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Apps for Messaging

Because most messaging apps are internet-based, they only require a data connection to sync your conversations between devices. These first three apps work well on both iOS and Android, so convincing your friends to use them shouldn’t be difficult.

Drive by Google

For years, Google Drive has been one of the most advanced cloud storage services, owing to the fact that it includes cloud computing. This means that if you need to make changes to a file, you don’t have to download, edit, and re-upload it—you can simply make the changes while the file is still on Google’s servers, ensuring that all of your devices have access to the most recent version of a file.


Wunderlist simplifies to-do lists and does so with a beautiful interface. Lists and notes are instantly accessible on any phone, tablet, or computer, and your progress is also synced. To top it all off, lists can be shared, making collaboration with family and friends a breeze.

Keep by Google

Google Keep is the Swiss Army Knife of this app category. You can use the app to take notes and reminders, make to-do lists, draw, record audio clips, and even save photos, and all of your creations can be shared with other users for collaboration. Meanwhile, check out real money pokies australia.

Google Images

Google Photos, whether cross-platform or not, is one of the best photo apps available. The app will automatically back up your photos to the cloud, allowing you to access them on any device shortly after taking them. With unlimited free storage and a powerful search feature that allows you to find photos of almost any subject, Google Photos is almost a must-have app.

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