Basics of Writing a Great 200-word Essay

As soon as students get to an educational establishment, such as a college or university, they face an enormous load of writing tasks. Essays, research papers, reports, reviews, and a realm of other tasks can make anyone go crazy, especially if writing is not your cup of tea. So, the majority of students confess to hating writing and avoiding it by all means.

Short assignment writing seems simple and quick, but that’s a false impression. So, getting such an assignment from your tutor should not be considered a blessing; in most cases, it becomes a curse for students. This writing task requires students to include the same components – an intro, a body, and a conclusion – but demands their much shorter, concise versions. Not everyone is good at such type of writing. Thus, students need to master the new skill promptly to complete short assignments for good grades.

If you’re among those who have no clue about short essay writing conventions, use this handy guide from GradeMiners experts to master this skill.

Mind the Structure

Students’ biggest mistake when writing a short paper is pulling everything in one paragraph. Indeed, 200 words are not that much to compose three good paragraphs. Still, the professionals of best essay writing services emphasize the need to keep to the classical structure.

Even if your overall essay is 200 words, dedicate 1-2 sentences at the beginning to set the context and voice the topic and purpose of this writing piece. Also, don’t forget to summarize your writing at the end, in 1-2 concluding sentences that may also take 15-20 words of the overall word count. Your professor will look for the structure. So, having none in your short assignment will inevitably cause grade reduction.

Interesting Subject

The more engaging and exciting subject you pick, the easier it will be for you to write an excellent short essay. Most students get stuck with complex topics they don’t understand because they cannot condense complex facts and statistics into simple, readable sentences. So, if you like the topic and know enough about it, you will be able to write as many or as few words as your prompt requires.

One of the critical aspects of short essay writing is choosing a narrow, debatable topic. If your subject is too broad, you risk writing something superficial, with no in-depth thinking and little consideration for the details. However, the selection of narrow arguments allows you to focus and explore your theme of interest even in a couple of hundred words.

Target Readers

Another vital criterion for structuring the essay and choosing words is to think about who your readers are. If that’s only a supervisor, you should use competent language and terminology that reflects your knowledge of the studied material. If that’s an admission committee or competition’s evaluators, the content should be simpler and reader-friendlier. In the latter case, your task is to arouse emotions and leave a trace in the readers’ memories.

Quality Matters

No matter how small the assigned writing task is, you need to put quality first. Please don’t underestimate the significance of a 200-word essay as it may cost you a vital grade or a prize that you’ve been dreaming of. Thus, even with short essays, focus on the clarity and perfection of every sentence and component, thus creating a flawless writing piece.


Even experienced writers who work in companies rendering the best writing services caution students against careless submissions of non-checked papers. Obviously, you think that you have double-checked everything in the process of typing the content. But the reality check always shows minor flaws and errors. They are unavoidable, so you need to check everything once more before sending the essay to your professor.

A secret technique of professional proofreaders is a reverse check. It would be best if you verified the correctness of every sentence backward by starting from the last one, then reading through the pre-past one, and so on. In this way, you don’t focus on the content and emphasize only grammar and syntax.

There’s No End to Perfection

Here you go with the basic algorithm of short essay writing. As you can see, it’s not as complicated or intimidating as it might seem at first glance. However, you still will need to exercise specific skills and show your competency in particular writing areas when composing it. The core skill you will need is writing concise sentences. Avoid making them choppy; instead, try to insert a bit of your individuality in those texts by emphasizing your personal experiences and emotions.

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