Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Technology has brought about a revolution in the world with every industry progressing towards a more efficient mode of operation. That has given rise to calls for the incorporation of technology in the education system. The conventional education system is based on the traditional methods of teaching. However, it is imperative that we encourage the use of technology, considering the ever-increasing challenges the system is facing. One of the key advancements in terms of technology has been the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The success of AI is suggested by the fact that it continues to engulf all the major sectors. Artificial Intelligence refers to the branch of computing which deals with setting up machines to perform tasks. That would otherwise require the intervention of human intelligence. The limited resources existing within the education system requires this quality in order to enhance the learning experience for the students. As well as the teaching experience for the teachers.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Students

The primary objective of a student is to acquire knowledge and get it evaluated through various forms of assessments. However, schooling needs to be more than just academic rigour for students. It must be a place for the comprehensive development of students to ensure that they excel to the best of their potential, in professional as well as personal life. However, the conventional system of education is designed in a manner which leads to the wastage of invaluable time due to inefficient methods. Artificial intelligence improves a student’s educational journey by sharing the burden of teachers, allowing them to concentrate on other aspects of student development. The key features of AI concerning students are:

Personalised learning

Every student reserves a sense of individuality with regards to their learning. In order to allow every student to excel, it is important to employ a more personalized form of education, which allows every child to learn at his/her pace. The constraints with regards to the teaching staff prevents the students to have this personalized form of learning which can be resolved through the incorporation of an AI system which can cater for the need, pace of learning and goals of each student to present a personalized course.

Quick Responses

Students heavily rely on their teachers for feedback with regards to their performance in an assessment or generally, on the standard of their education. However, they often encounter a delayed response which leads to frustration, due to loss of valuable time and opportunity of learning. This is because of the burden that teachers face whilst attending to a large number of students. That can be relieved through the effective use of AI such as this IELTS platform which provides students with instant feedback on their IELTS preparation.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Teachers

Time management is the biggest challenge for teachers. All teachers in the profession wish to provide their students with all the resources that may aid them in their learning. Teachers seek excellence for their students which we can achieve by challenging them academically and socially. However, most teachers admit at failing to do so due to the massive burden of conducting classes, setting assessments, and grading them. Artificial Intelligence presents itself as a highly valuable tool for teachers by freeing up their time through automation thereby allowing teachers to invest their time in a more productive manner. The key characteristics of AI with regards to teachers are:

Task Automation

The most prevalent use of AI is to assist in automating tasks, which holds true for the education sector, and is particularly beneficial for teachers in their quest for effective time management. Teachers spend a great deal of their time tending to their non-teaching duties such as administrative work, grading assessments, and presenting progress reports. Such mundane tasks drain the energy of educators which we can conserve by automating these tasks through AI. We can use for grading assessments such as this grading service which allows teachers to mark their students’ mock exams using AI.

Smart content

The wide exposure to internet for students from an early age has led to a considerable shortening of the attention span for most people therefore, it is essential for teachers to adopt innovative and interactive ideas in a bid to engage their students. The use of AI allows teachers to customise the teaching content in accordance with their students. It enables the creation of digital lessons, enables a visual form of education and the opportunity to update the lessons as deemed necessary.

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