Best Apps to Help Study 

There are a lot of different apps out there that can help you study. Some of them are better than others, so it is important to find one that works well for you. That way, you won’t have to worry about where to order cheap essays or purchase dissertations online towards the end of your studies.

 If you are looking for an excellent study app, here are some of the best ones:

iStudiez Pro

Let’s begin with something that every student requires: a schedule planner. iStudiez is one of the most outstanding scheduling tools for improving your study habits. The app, which is available for most mobile platforms as well as Mac and Windows desktops, allows you to keep track of your daily study schedule, as well as tests, homework assignments, and even your grades. As long as you remember to keep it up to date with your most recent assignment deadlines and the like, you’ll never miss a vital class or be late handing in an important assignment again. The app will notify you when each item is due and may even be integrated with services such as Google Calendar.


What happens after you’ve set your schedule? Of course, your notes. Notes are the foundation of any exam revision and are a vital aspect of any study regimen. Evernote is one of the greatest study applications, allowing you to keep all of your notes organized and streamlined in one convenient area. It’s not just text walls, either. Evernote allows you to add audio recordings, links, checklists, files, and more to your notes, turning them into a multimedia feast.


Sometimes brainstorming and sketching out new ideas and methods of understanding material is the greatest way to go through a task. The XMind study app is a mind-mapping program that can aid with research and idea management. This app is ideal for when you need your ideas to flow. There is a free edition as well as paid versions.


Exam Countdown Lite

Exam Countdown Lite does exactly what it claims! This helpful tool is ideal for any student who is preparing for test season and the rigorous schedule that comes with it. Its intuitive design makes it simple to log all of your forthcoming exam dates and times, and the program will slowly count down the days, weeks, days, or minutes until the big moment. Granted, for some students, this may be enough to cause a panic attack, but if you’d rather face the future full on, knowing how much time you have to study can be a huge advantage.


This amazing app makes use of the camera on your phone to scan the barcode on a book, and it then generates a citation that may be prepared in MLA, Chicago, or any other format that your university requires.

Duolingo Language Learning App

Another one of the top study apps is Duolingo, which helps you learn another language through short lessons and quizzes. This app is a must-have for anyone interested in learning a new language. It’s perfect for beginners and travelers especially. Plus, it’s free!

The website is fairly similar to the app, although it does have some different features. Use this app if you want to study a language via text translation, vocabulary building, and introduction to new grammar rules.

Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is a robust and incredibly handy dictation program that allows you to type by simply speaking what you want to type. Whether you are recording your own notes or setting it down to record your most recent lecture, Dragon Anywhere saves the information as both an audio file and a text document, which you can also edit through various voice commands. This feature is available whether you are recording your own notes or setting it down to record your most recent lecture. After that, you’ll have the option to import these voice-recorded notes into other programs, such as Evernote.

Dragon Anywhere


We can’t forget about Scanmarker! Despite the digital revolution, certain texts have yet to be translated to an online version, from which you will be expected to extract information. That couldn’t be easier with the Scanmarker OCR reader. This handheld gadget contains one of the greatest study apps. It contains a small optical scanner in the tip that can be run across a line of printed text in any book to convert it to digital text. You can then alter that content in a variety of ways, including copying it into a word processor document, listening to it as an audio file to study on the go, and even translating it into another language. So much easier than writing all your notes in longhand, and with the added benefit of avoiding getting hand cramps from all that writing!


This app provides access to a wide range of educational tools including flashcards, a study guide, and one’s favorite topics. It also allows you to compare your methods with those of others.

My Study Life

This app is similar to Magoosh, but it is designed to help you learn everything required for a bachelor’s degree. My Study Life includes a section for each subject so you can see what is being discussed and find resources to assist you personally.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a sophisticated calculating app for anyone taking a course that requires a lot of formulas and computation. Simply enter a math problem, a query, or a formula and the app will provide the answer. Even better, Wolfram Alpha will tell you the steps you took to get there. As you go back over the problem, you can maximize your learning.

Flashcard Apps

There are many different flashcard apps available. Some of the most popular ones include Anki, Flashcards Deluxe, and Memrise. Although each of these apps does things a little bit differently, they all allow you to make your own flashcards, quiz yourself, and mark which cards you’ve practiced so you don’t have to see them again. These are great for practicing anything from languages to geology terms.

Flashcards Deluxe

This app is great for making your own flashcards or buying ones that others have made and are willing to share. This app allows you to flip over cards, have the cards be random, keep track of which cards you know and haven’t reviewed, and quiz yourself. 


Quizlet is a free website as well as a free app. It works similar to Flashcards Deluxe in that you can make flashcards and quiz yourself, but the difference is that instead of flipping over cards, you click on answers. This makes it easier to test yourself on picture association. This app allows you to study notes that others have made on Quizlet, but not make your own notes. If you want to make your own study materials on Quizlet, you need to use the website. 

In conclusion, there are many apps available out there to help you study more effectively. Some of them are free, while others come at a price. However, the best way to find the app that works for you is to try out a few and see which one suits your needs the best. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the free trial periods that many of these apps offer before making your final decision.

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