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A Fire TV Stick is one of those brilliant devices that can make your internet and your television set become siblings from different parents. Yes, smart TVs already come with this feature, but their high cost is a significant drawback. Thanks to the best browser for firestick, you’re in for a roller coaster experience.

With Fire TV Stick, you can enjoy the same sets of benefits, only at a fraction of the cost. To be able to browse the web with your TV, you will need the best browser for Firestick. Pro tip: the default one is just not up to the set task.

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Can I browse the Internet on Amazon Fire Stick?

Well, obviously, yes. In December 2017, Amazon announced that all Amazon Fire TV Stick users would be able to browse the web on the television sets with the help of Firefox or Amazon’s Slik Browser. Here’s how to run Windows EXE apps on Chromebook.

As part of the process, the Seattle-based multinational technology company enabled customers to access popular sites like Facebook, Yahoo, Reddit, Twitter, Yahoo, local sites, cloud photo pages, and video sharing services among plenty of others.

Now to the million-dollar question, what’s the best browser for firestick? Read on and you’ll find out in a bit.

What is the best browser for Firestick?

In most cases, the default web browser is Google Chrome. This is an excellent choice for smartphones, desktops, and tabs, but it does not impress in the Fire TV Stick environment. Thankfully, there is an array of options you can easily choose from. If you are looking for the best browser for Firestick, say no more.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox and Fire TV look like they are made for each other—that’s when you look at it from the wordplay point of view. And, that is not far from the truth. With the web browser, you can watch videos from your most favored sites and search the entire internet. You can use your Fire TV remote controller or mobile application to pause, fast forward, rewind, and play.

The latest Firefox release comes with a fresh user interface that helps you easily navigate the internet on your TV. With it, you no longer have to type in long URLs that you visit on a regular basis. A user can save his or her preferred websites by pinning them to the home screen and easily remove them anytime with the menu button.

Puffin Browser

Puffin makes the cut for one of the best browsers for Firestick mainly because of its built-in movable cursor. If you give it some thought, you will discover that Fire TV Stick not having a clickable mouse means you will not be able to tap on the screen. If you’re wondering between Apple mouse 2 vs Apple mouse 2, read the linked post.

Even if your touchscreen is the stuff of deep-pocketed users, chances are you will use the remote. For one, that is because using the touchscreen means you have to get up from your couch every now and then.

With the Puffin web browser, you will be able to navigate your web browsing with the help of a cursor. In semblance to using a mouse, you can click items on the screen and control the cursor with the Fire TV Stick remote.

Asides from the browser’s built-in remote system, it has other features, like the “recently viewed” option. With this, you can conveniently log on to sites you lately visited and don’t need to through the nerve-racking process of typing in URLs. Its bookmarking system is also convenient and quite accessible, for the same purpose.

Silk Browser

Silk Browser

With its build for big screens and a much more extensive user interface, Silk Browser lets you access limitless web content. The application has several features you’ll love, the chief of which is the ability to search or enter URLs.

It can access bookmarks, move forward and backward, and save your password. Its default search engine is Bing, which means you have access to all the features that engine offers.

Silk Browser supports voice searches, thanks to its integration with Fire TV’s voice remote. However, the browser is generally a fairly bare-bones app that does not appear customized for use on a TV screen.

But then again, browsers are not made for TVs only in the first place. The program was, however, made for this purpose by Amazon and has since made vital changes.

One of Silk’s most prominent problems is unnecessary reauthentication. Some users have complained about being forced to re-enter their details several times per week. If you are an avid user of YouTube, the problem can be tiresome.

How To Install Web Browser On FireTV

In as much as there are many web browsers out there for your internet-TV marriage, the best browser for firestick search on any engine usually comes up Silk Browser and Firefox. In some rare cases, you would find Opera. Most of the time, users choose between these two, so here is how you can install them on your Firestick or Fire TV.

Silk Browser

  • Launch your Fire Stick or Amazon Fire TV.
  • Go to Apps at the top of your home screen.
  • Now select ‘Categories’ -> ‘Utility’.
  • Choose the Silk Browser app.
  • Select the ‘Get’ button to download the app.
  • Once it has downloaded and installed, choose ‘Open’.
  • Now, accept the Silk Browser Terms of Use by clicking ‘Accept’.



  • Launch your Fire TV and click on the ‘Search function’.
  • Search for Firefox
  • Click on the Firefox icon and then select ‘Get’.Download Mozilla Firefox
  • Next, click on ‘Download’.
  • Once the download and installation process is complete, launch Firefox for Fire TV on your FireStick.

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There is no “one” best browser for Firestick. The competition is usually between Firefox and Silk browser. So, knowing the features offered should help you choose between these two and others in the market. Do have a nice time streaming the web from your television set.

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