Best free games to play on your computer

Of all the ways to play video games, computers are the most versatile and therefore are on top of the list for modern game fans.

Which free games are worth your attention?

Although consoles are becoming more and more modern and offer more advanced technologies, computers still are much more versatile. They offer the possibility of being much more powerful, although for a  higher price. Video game lovers do not mind spending a few hundred euros more to buy a good computer to play their favorite games comfortably. If you don’t have the money for one, you can save up or try your luck in a casino with no deposit bonus 2022, so you can win cash without investing your own money to enjoy the casino bonuses.

We are not going to lie. Most of the games which are presented for free on the market are nowhere to be perfect. Typically they cover mainstream genres such as RTGs, RPGs, shooters, andf95zone and the better half of them are “remakes of remakes” of an actually good game. Although there are always exceptions. There are plenty of great games that you can play ultimately free and in which you can invest money, optionally, to buy weapons, parts of clothing, and skins, but that does not affect the gaming experience too much. As Tony Sloterman – the product owner of Casino Bonus Finder, says: “You give something great for free now. They will buy from you in the future”. Some developers use these tactics to create hype over their other products, which of course will cost a few bucks, but what is it for a dedicated fan?  Below you can see some of the most popular free to download games that are definitely worth a look:

  • Fortnite: One of the best free games of the moment. It came out more than three years ago, and although it is no longer at the top, as it was a couple of years ago, Fortnite is a perfect option for those players who don’t want to spend money on buying an online game to enjoy with their friends.
  • League of Legends: Without a doubt, the free-to-play game par excellence. League of Legends, commonly called Lol, is a game of battles between two teams, which requires excellent mechanical and mental ability to master it. The competitions of this game have international relevance, and the competitors are as famous as music stars. If you have never tried this game, you better not because it is so addictive that you will never stop playing it again.
  • Valorant: This game is much more recent than the two previous ones, yet it is becoming very popular. Players are becoming more and more competitive and one of the things that makes video games successful nowadays is that they have a great ranking system and the possibility of competing at the highest level. Valorant realized this and included it in its game so that it achieved great success in a short time. In fact, many players who abandoned Fortnite because it is becoming monotonous and boring went on to play Valorant.
  • PUBG: This is a game very similar to Fortnite, in fact, it is the predecessor of Fortnite and even went so far as to denounce Fortnite for plagiarism, but the complaint went nowhere. The main difference with the Epic Games game is that in this case everything is more real, you can not build and instead of chasing you a storm you are chased by bombers. The task of the game is the same, survive and be the last man standing.

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