Best Microsoft Products For Business

The 21st century is driven by a technological revolution where business and technology are no longer separated. Today organizations whether a startup or large enterprise are leveraging a blend of tech to empower and facilitate business operations.

Microsoft is the leading provider of productivity platforms and tools providing enterprise-level capabilities and affordable software solutions to businesses. If used right, companies can future-proof their interest and boost business productivity alongside existing processes.

In this post, we will talk about revolutionary tools by Microsoft that every successful business needs.

  • Microsoft Teams

When it comes to building trust amongst the employees and boosting productivity, transparent communication plays an imperative role. Today, with the advent of remote working culture, companies continue to experience a void created by the absence of real-time communication. Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular collaboration tools helping companies of all scales provide real-time collaboration capabilities to employees, stakeholders, and designated groups.

Microsoft Teams is a SaaS-based software, and hence, it can be accessed from anywhere around the world from devices such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, or tablets. Companies can leverage out-of-the-box functionalities of Teams such as online audio & video conferences, document sharing, chat functions, dedicated channels, and groups. With increasing ease of use, flexibility, and scalability, Microsoft Teams leads the online communication tool arena.

  • Microsoft OneDrive

Gone are the days when offline storage was the only medium to share or preserve company data, documents, and files. Today, as we progress into 2022, cloud storage is going mainstream with over 40 zettabytes of data flowing through cloud networks and servers. According to a report by Statista, the cloud market is growing exponentially and is expected to cross US 482 billion market value by FY22. Microsoft OneDrive emerges as one of the most popular online storage destinations for businesses.

In terms of usability, accessibility, security, file-sharing abilities, and cost-effectiveness, Microsoft OneDrive leads the arena. Apart from providing traditional online storage features, OneDrive also provides dedicated enterprise-level data security, modern attachments, real-time collaboration, and most importantly, data loss prevention (DLP). Hence, companies need not worry about losing their data over the cloud. 

  • Microsoft Office 365

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a startup, small/medium business, or a large enterprise, being able to create, collaborate and communicate are essential ingredients for business success. Productivity tools allow employees to do their jobs easily! Not just that, these also make companies agile and gain a competitive advantage. Microsoft Office 365 is a collection of powerful office productivity tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

Office 365 is a fully cloud-based platform that users can access from anywhere and perform traditional office suite activities online. That means, now you can create presentations and reports online and share with relevant stakeholders without having to do anything manually! Office 365 has a powerful presentation feature where presenters can seamlessly create a presentation and collaborate with peers in a real-time scenario. You can also import custom templates such as SMART goals PowerPoint template and build presentations online like a breeze.

  • Microsoft Azure

There is no denying that online presence plays a vital role for a business in today’s market. Companies are using websites not only to render products or services, but also to establish trust and build credibility. With that, the cloud market is experiencing a rapid increase in cloud computing applications and platforms. Microsoft Azure is a leading, fastest-growing platform providing cloud computing services to businesses worldwide.

Companies such as Verizon, LG, MSI Computers, and thousands of more are using Microsoft Azure for their cloud computing needs. As a company, if you’re looking to offer online solutions and services, Microsoft Azure can be your best bet. The platform is scalable, secure, supports a variety of operating systems, and allows you to deploy computing applications in the shortest timespan possible. Hence, businesses can leverage the tools and technologies to transform their online presence and offerings, accomplish business goals and achieve success.

Wrapping It Up:

When it comes to effectively solving business challenges and serving customers, technology has definitely leaped and empowered companies to do better. As important as it is to have a website today, so is having productivity tools that allow you to go beyond boundaries and accomplish business goals. There is no denying that Microsoft is a technology leader, and the tools discussed above can help you draw a line between a closed business deal or a missed opportunity!

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