Best Picture Settings for Samsung TV (UHD/4K/QLED) – Detailed Guide

Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k, Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality TVs. Their televisions are famous worldwide for their crisp, crystal clear picture quality and high-res screen displays.

To add to that viewing experience and enjoy visuals in their best formats, Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k you will need to make some changes to the settings of your TV.

In this post I’ll be showing you how to adjust the settings on a Samsung 4K or Ultra HD TV with an LED display so as to enhance your game and movie viewing experience tenfold.

Being a tech enthusiast, Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k I tend to explore all available settings whenever I purchase a new TV, computer or smartphone and tune them to my preference.

When I got a 55-inch 4K QLED TV (QA55Q60RAKXLL) from Samsung recently, the first thing I did was to set up the picture settings for the best possible experience.

And if you’re just as compelled as me to get the very best out of your new piece of technology.

Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k

Please Note: The best Picture settings for your Samsung TV may differ depending on the room lighting conditions of your room.

For instance, If you watch TV in a bright room with natural or artificial light, you need to keep the levels of brightness, contrast, sharpness, color, Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k and backlight on the higher sight.

However, if your TV is in a dark room, you should keep the brightness, color and sharpness below 50% while keeping the contrast at its highest level for better picture quality.

Below are the best picture settings for the Samsung 4K UHD TV, SUHD TV, and QLED TV.

Samsung TV Picture Modes

When it comes to the number of preset picture modes found on a Samsung Smart TV, you won’t find as many from what’s available on your LG 4K UHDTV.

We encourage you to also check out our recommendations about our general best picture settings for your LG OLED and Nano Cell TV.

On the Samsung TV, four preset modes are tuned by the manufacturer while on the other hand you will find a plethora of personalized options that are found on your high-end LCD TVs including your top-of-the-line models. samsung-tv-picture-modes 1

  • Dynamic: If your TV is placed in a room with bright or natural light, you’ll need heightened levels of brightness, contrast, colors, and sharpness. When your Samsung TV is in dynamic mode, it will have a bright and vivid picture, too much saturation, and unbalanced black levels. If the Dynamic mode is enabled, you may experience eye fatigue while watching TV in low light conditions. It consumes more electricity than all other picture modes.
  • Standard: This mode offers a balanced viewing experience with moderate levels of brightness, color, contrast, and sharpness and is best suited for normal lighting conditions.
  • Natural: If you prefer less brightness, color, contrast, and sharpness than Dynamic and Standard modes, the Natural picture mode should suffice your needs as it is good for eye comfort as well. Since Samsung TVs don’t have an option like LG’s Eye Comfort Mode, you should check my guide to learn how you can enable the blue light filter on your Samsung TV.
  • Movie: This picture adds a warm tone to the picture and offers subdued levels of brightness, contrast, sharpness, and color that are perfect for watching TV in low light or in a dark room. Since the Movie mode disabled any extraneous picture processing, it’s good for watching movies with smoother motion.

By default, Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k Samsung TVs come with a number of preset picture modes that are good for a general watch of TV shows and movies.

However, for those that want more control or to tweak their viewing experience even further, Expert Settings in particular present advanced users with various options related to brightness, contrast to help make various aspects of the display sharper, more colorful or otherwise more appealing.

Best Picture Settings for Samsung QLED TV

QLED range and their product model numbers begin with an ‘Q’ and 4K screen, Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k so if you are using a Samsung QLED TV or its model number begins with a ‘Q’, please try the following picture settings for picture quality.

  • Samsung Q9FN (2018)
  • Samsung Q8 (2018)
  • Samsung Q900 (2018)
  • Samsung Q90 (2019)
  • Samsung Q60 (2019)
  • Samsung Q70 (2019)
  • Samsung Q80 (2019)
  • Samsung Q90/Q95 (2020)
Expert Settings Value
Picture mode Movie
Backlight 15
Brightness 0
Contrast 75
Sharpness 5
Color 28
Tint (G/R) 0
Apply Picture Settings All sources
Digital clean view Off
Auto Motion Plus Settings Off
Contrast Enhancer High
Film Mode Auto1
Color Tone Warm2
Gamma 2.2
Color Space Settings Auto
White balance 2 Point
Red Gain 9
Green Gain -5
Blue Gain -8
Red Offset 0
Green Offset 1
Blue Offset 3

Best Picture Settings for Samsung 4k UHD TV

Samsung UHD TV is the latest premium offering by Samsung. This 4K Ultra High Definition television running on a Quad display engine offers viewing experience just like cinema, every bit as real and natural.

Sharp contrast and incredible clarity defines the picture quality of Samsung UHD TVs.

Whether it is watching your favorite show or game, Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k Samsung UHD TV & 4K resolution presents you with unprecedented detail in everything you watch.

This revolutionary technology combines four times more pixels on screen than a Full HD 1080p TV delivering a viewing experience 3-Dimensional in nature, surpassing the limits of standard service.

  • TU (UHD series
  • RU (UHD series
  • NU (UHD) series
  • MU (UHD) series
  • KU (UHD) series
Expert Settings Value
Backlight 5-6
Brightness 0
Contrast 85
Sharpness 5
Color 45-55
Tint (G/R) G50/R50
Use Picture Settings All sources
Digital clean view Off
Auto Motion Plus Settings Off
Contrast Enhancer Off
Local Dimming Low
HDR+ Mode Off
HDMI UHD Color On for HDR HDMI sources
Color Tone Warm2
Gamma BT.1886
Color Space Auto
White balance 2 Point
Red Gain 8
Green Gain -5
Blue Gain -9
Red Offset 5
Green Offset 8
Blue Offset 5

Samsung SUHD & LED TV Picture Settings

If you own a Samsung SUHD TV with an LED screen, Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k you should take a look at the picture settings mentioned below to enjoy the best possible picture quality.

Picture Settings Value
Picture Profile Movie
Backlight 8
Contrast 80
Brightness 45
Sharpness 35
Color 45-55
Tint G50/R50
Advanced Dynamic Contrast Off
Black tone Off
Flesh tone 0
Color space Auto (native for DCI-P3)
White balance 2 Point
– Red 4
– Green 3
– Blue -5
+ Red 5
+ Green 0
+ Blue -5
Gamma 0
Picture settings Color tone Warm2
Digital Clean View Off
MPEG noise filter Off
Movie Off
Auto Motion Plus Blur 5
Judder 0
LED Clear Off or On (with the backlight on max)
Smart LED Standard

Best Samsung TV Settings for Gaming

You can maximize your gaming experience on your Samsung TV by tweaking the picture settings to match the sort of games you like to play.

You might enjoy playing sports simulations better than RPG, so those settings need to be tweaked separately and they’re different depending upon whether you own a SUHD (curved screen), or UHD flat-screened Samsung set.

All you have to do is enable Picture Mode Plus for input signals from consoles and set up Game Modes according to your game type.

Once you’ve returned to Settings, you can use your DVRs under SDR in combination with the gaming console to enjoy optimized screen settings for low latency and enhanced color, Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k sharpness, and contrast when watching 1080p HDTV or style programming.

  1. Open your Samsung TV Settings.
  2. Navigate to General > External Device Manager. samsung-tv-general-settings 2
  3. Now, click on Game Mode Settings and turn it On.
  4. When the Game Mode is on, enable Game Enhancer and set Dynamic Black Equalizer value to 4.
  5. Then click on Game Motion Plus Settings and enable Game Motion Plus.
  6. Set Blur Reduction to 8 and Judder Reduction to 9.
  7. Make sure that LED Clear Motion is turned off.

Additional Settings for Gaming on Samsung TV

Turn on HDR+ Mode

Some Samsung Smart TVs come with HDR (High Dynamic Range) Mode. Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k When enabled, it makes various improvements to the color and contrast automatically, even if your Gaming Console does not support HDR.

  1. Just open Settings > Picture.
  2. Navigate to Expert Settings and enable HDR+ Mode.

Turn On Input Signal Plus

  1. Open Settings > General and select External Device Manager on your Samsung Smart TV.
  2. Now, click on Input Signal Plus and enable it for the HDMI port to which your gaming console is connected.

You are now all set to enjoy gaming on your Samsung TV. The picture quality and color rating of the display have been greatly improved. It also offers very little to no blurring or juddering of movement and has a low latency time.

Samsung TV Dark Screen Fix

If your Samsung TV is too dark and scaling the backlight setting does not help, Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k try the following tip:

If you think your TV’s picture looks dim even after increasing the brightness control to the level that was recommended by YouTube tutorials or manufacturer recommendations.

There could be a hardware problem affecting your television. This solution will also work if your TV screen brightens on its own or will only get darker but not brighter and will not respond to any buttons pressed on your remote control.

On New Samsung TVs

Go to Settings > General > Eco Solution and turn off the following items:

  • Ambient Light Detection
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Motion Lighting

On Older Samsung TVs

Here you have to navigate to Screen Menu > System > Eco Solution > Eco Sensor and turn it Off.

Which will fix the Samsung TV dark screen issue.

Fixing Samsung TV Blue Tint/Hue Issue

Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k, a user recently posted some questions that are very similar to the issue you have been experiencing. It’s about a Samsung TU8000 Crystal UHD TV for which the color isn’t beaming as it should.

The reason he wasn’t able to solve the problem was because he simply adjusted the options available but didn’t make any changes in regards to its connectors.

One thing you can do is to check if there are other cables plugged into your TV at this time since they could be interfering with each other thus giving you a bluish hue or tint irrespective of the channel or app.

Finding the culprit is important and you need one that is decent enough to grasp the issue and come up with effective solutions for it.

  1. Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote.
  2. Navigate to Settings and select it.
  3. Then go to Picture > Expert Settings.
  4. Look for a setting named RGB Only Mode, click on it and turn it off.
  5. If you don’t find this setting, select the Reset Picture option.

The blue tint problem on your Samsung Smart TV will be fixed if it doesn’t have any hardware issues.

RGB Only Mode

A limited color range option, RGB only mode helps in making precise tweaks on the color properties of an image by accessing background channel red, blue and green tint levels.

If the setting is not supported by your TV’s model, Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k try resetting the picture.

Still Not Satisfied?

If you aren’t happy with the picture quality on your Samsung Smart TV or if you would like to make certain adjustments, Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k and perhaps even learn more about your television in general.

We encourage you to bring it into the nearest authorized Samsung service center to be thoroughly checked by a certified technician using professional tools. You can also find ISF-certified TVs near you via our ISF website here.


Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k, there are so many long and boring procedures that most people do not pay much attention to unless they need it. While watching movies or playing games, one is likely to ignore the instructions and hit play on their PC with no second thought.

While there is no right way or wrong way to enjoy your favorite shows or games with technology, you will notice some ways in which you might be able to get more out of it just by personalizing the settings a bit.

Also, if you want to get the best visual experience of your curved TV, Best picture settings Samsung tv UHD 4k  you can always talk to a professional who is trained and certified at Samsung.

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