30 Best Samsung Dark Themes for One UI 2/3 – Top 30 Themes of All Time

Best Samsung themes one UI, if you’re looking for the best Samsung themes for your Galaxy phone, I have some good news:

There are many awesome options in a wide range of styles to choose from – each available on different devices and with varying levels of complexity.

Best Samsung themes one UI, the great thing is that you can even find a complete One UI theme collection designed specially to work with the latest versions of your device’s operating system.

In fact, you could hardly go beyond what these awesome creators are offering if you were designing your own collection yourself! And not only that, but they’re all very reasonably (yet pleasantly!) priced.

It’s hard to find a decent theme to start editing your device’s interface with. Best Samsung themes one UI In some cases, you may find one or two awesome themes but they won’t necessarily suite your taste as well as they do other users.

If you’re looking for good Samsung-specific themes (because most of them are optimized for Galaxy devices) then today’s guide will certainly be helpful.

Best Samsung themes one UI

As we’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, dark themes look great on AMOLED displays, so that is what we’ll mostly cover below in this piece.

Samsung has a dark theme that they use in most of their apps. Best Samsung themes one UI Themes like this sometimes can’t be changed unless you apply the settings to each app individually, and that process is just annoying.

So instead of setting it for every individual application, you can use a theme package that does it for you! An example is One UI Themes.

We’ll have some more information in the following paragraphs about how to set your phone up using these kinds of packages.

Out of the 30 dark Samsung themes available below 15 are free and the other half consists of premium themes. Also don’t forget to check out these 20 best light Samsung themes to see if there’s something you like.

Note: Since the Samsung theme download links can’t be shared, Best Samsung themes one UI I have provided the exact keywords that you can search for the themes via the Galaxy Themes app.

Once you do a search, click on the button “More details” to see more information about these themes in particular.

Blac UI (Free) blac-ui-samsung-theme 1

If you are searching for a free dark theme for your Samsung One UI device, check out Blac UI. This dark theme has been designed by Lucas Kendi and is available to all at absolutely no cost.

A snapshot of this theme was featured in our article of similar themes apps and it turned out that the app not only comes with super-impressive features but is also compatible with One UI 2.0 and as such, Best Samsung themes one UI is probably the best Samsung One UI 1.0/2.0-compatible dark theme app available.

Full features include: Gives an elegant material design appearance – all thanks to its amazing design which basically boasts with standout accents on a dark background Changes the icons in your phone’s Settings interface into colorful ones Has a beautiful blue wallpaper, coupled with black text details – truly giving off a premium feel to all users who use it Where can you get this Theme?

If you love Black UI, the light version is also available in your OS. Just search for Light UI in the Theme Store and download it.

Theme search keyword: ‘kendi blac ui’

Black Onix (Free) black-onix-samsung-theme 2

Black Onix has remained a popular theme for years and has been updated regularly since its debut.

Best Samsung themes one UI, the theme has stayed true to its dark coloring with the lock screen, home screen widgets, and other icons being blue and purple in color.

It also features a gradient design for the dialer as well as menu tabs that further completes the look of this stellar One UI theme.

The great thing about Black Onix is that you can choose from three different accent colors, each one being different shades of blue.

This feature allows it to go extremely well with Samsung phones that have gold accents like some Galaxy S10s or Galaxy Note 8s.

Samsung themes lack variety and freebies are hard to find in the Samsung Themes store.

But there’s a new theme in town called Black Onix which is available for Galaxy devices running on Android Lollipop 5.0+, Best Samsung themes one UI and you can get it absolutely for FREE right now.

Theme search keyword: ‘gs black onix’

Amethyst Dark (Paid) Screenshot 2021-12-16 141348 3

Amethyst Dark is another great dark Samsung theme that you must check out. It has been designed by Sebastian Wolodkiewicz who has developed some of the best themes for Samsung devices.

The combination of dark violet background and rose gold highlights gives it a killer look. Best Samsung themes one UI I purchased this theme 2 years ago for my Galaxy S9 and it still works like a charm on my Note 10+.

It’s worth the money you pay to get it since it can be used across various Samsung devices.

Theme search keyword: ‘sw amethyst dark’

Black and Blue All Over (Free) black-blue-samsung-theme 4

Embossed icons, hot-pink and orange readouts, royal blue splashes, and a matching wallpaper all serve as a backdrop for this newest theme for your device.

If you do not like plain backgrounds on the home or lock screens, Best Samsung themes one UI Performance Design has developed this theme for free with a couple of modifications available in 2 variants.

So hop on board now and enjoy it completely free of charge.

Theme search keyword: ‘rpm black and blue all over’

Azure (Paid) azure-samsung-theme 5

Designed by Naveen Rai, Azure is a minimal and sleek dark theme for your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

What’s great about this one is that it lets you have a direct and fast access to some of your most frequently used apps including the dialer, Best Samsung themes one UI settings, messages, app drawer and so on.

The best part about using this slick looking app is how it allows you to switch between light or dark mode seamlessly – with just the swipe of your finger or by using the button located in the notification bar.

When you install Azure on your device, Best Samsung themes one UI you get to try out multiple textures and accents found within various system apps and features including fonts color as well as different accents for your battery icon or signal indicators in the status bar that come with Bixby Voice.

Overall this is one of my favorite themes available at the moment.

Theme search keyword: ‘nr azure’

Black Lemon (Free) black-lemon-samsung-theme 6

Black Lemon, the free dark theme from MINU, contrasts yellow and black, a smart design that works well with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

Its distinctive yellow icon for messaging apps helps me see unread messages at a glance. Best Samsung themes one UI The theme is completely free, and if you like the clean look of black and yellow, Best Samsung themes one UI we highly recommend downloading it.

Check other styles by MINU on the Samsung Theme Store for a matching wallpaper to complete your look.

Theme search keyword: ‘minu black lemon’

NewDay UI BlackWall (Free) black-wall-samsung-theme 7

Black-Wall by Elijah Rabo is one of the best Google themes we’ve seen for Chromebooks and can be downloaded for free.

The theme features a clean black background with icons that are distinctly outlined in gold giving the whole layout and design an overall lovely look.

This was a paid theme on Chromebook Web Store but they now offer it as a free download.

Theme search keyword: ‘newday ui blackwall’

Gold & Storm Blue (Paid) gold-stormy-blue-samsung-theme 8

Gold & Storm Blue is perhaps a bold choice which can certainly reflect its creator’s creativity.

Just like Amethyst Dark, this thematic masterpiece from Sebastian Wolodkiewicz catches your eye the moment you examine the beautiful wallpapers, Best Samsung themes one UI iconography and its wallpaper theme, alongside an elegant design for the AOD screen mode.

Although for many users these premium additions come at a price, Best Samsung themes one UI looking fantastic on their larger screens including smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note series in particular.

Theme search keyword: ‘sw gold and stormy blue’

Carbon Green (Free) carbon-green-samsung-theme 9

Carbon is a gorgeous theme from Invaser that really brings out the elegance and gorgeousness you can achieve when having an awesome, Best Samsung themes one UI great looking background and applying a touch of color.

With four different colors to choose from – red, blue, green and purple, each with their own delicious colors and designs – you won’t be able to decide which color is your favorite.

These themes are available for all different types of smartphones regardless of whether Android or iOS so you can enjoy tons of amazing colors and enjoy the different looks these skins have in the store.

Theme search keyword: ‘invaser carbon green’

Lonely Blue (Free) lonely-blue-samsung-theme 10 pic

If you have owned the Samsung Galaxy S8, Best Samsung themes one UI you’ll instantly recognize the gradient wallpapers that came with the phone.

Lonely Blue by Aire Design is a One UI stock gradient background inspired theme that prays on nostalgia to make its mark as a formidable dark Samsung theme download free of charge.

Whether you own an S8, an S9 or any other modern flagship device in 2018, this gorgeous One UI wallpaper based theme will look great wherever it lands.

Theme search keyword: ‘air lonely blue’

Dark Sunstone (Free) dark-sunstone-samsung-theme 11

Made in Italy Code Art AC is a leading designer of innovative bathroom and kitchen cabinetry. Best Samsung themes one UI The company is creating all sorts of new aspects, such as Dark Sunstone, by blending the best qualities of two different patterns.

Each one represents a unique color combination that made up Sunstone’s design.

Dark Sunstone is just one of the many unique designs inspired by the Dark series of products, making it possible to create something completely customized to your specifications within the company’s original style no matter how specific they may be.

  • Dark Emerald
  • Dark Turquoise
  • Dark Coral
  • Dark Amber
  • Dark Ruby
  • Dark Amethyst
  • Dark Sapphire

Theme search keyword: ‘dark sunstone’

Gold Corner (Paid) gold-corner-samsung-theme 12 pic

If you like the looks of black-gold, Best Samsung themes one UI Gold Corner is a quality premium theme that we’ve reviewed and endorsed. Personally, I love the wallpaper that comes with it and the unique look on your dialer screen.

Gold Corner is a premium Samsung Galaxy S10 theme that has received accolades from those who own Galaxy devices. This dark-colored theme looks great on an AMOLED display.

Theme search keyword: ‘aire gold corner’

Black-Red (Free) ieu-red-black-samsung-theme 13

Black-Red, which is a free Samsung theme by Irwin Escalante, Best Samsung themes one UI is another dark theme with subtle red highlights and it’s a pretty sweet piece.

As you can see in the screenshots, the theme is a minimalistic approach with a killer color combination of black on red.

While this particular version of Black-Red is free but there’s also another take on the same concept called Black-Pink that combines black and hot pink elements and if you know what’s best for you, Best Samsung themes one UI you should give that one a try too.

Theme search keyword: ‘ieu black red’

Lime Dark (Paid) lime-dark-samsung-theme 14

If you have $2 then the Lime Dark by MINU is one of the best themes for Samsung devices to buy.

Its premium price tag might make it seem less attractive but when you take a look at all that’s included in this theme, we think it’s more than worth your investment.

Unlike other Premium themes that simply change the wallpaper, Best Samsung themes one UI Lime Dark goes further by customizing every aspect of your phone such as its icons, calculator, calendar and more.

Now that we’ve looked at what it does to enhance your user experience we can say with confidence that if this was Best Samsung themes one UI, one of our phones then we would instantly fall in love with it too.

Theme search keyword: ‘minu lime dark’

Material Indigo Dark (Free) material-indigo-dark-samsung-theme 15

If you’re sick of Material Indigo Dark, a theme that features the usual dark hues of black and grey but with a slight touch of violet, Best Samsung themes one UI then you’ll love the brighter take on Android’s UI featured in Full Moon Wemo when compared to the former.

The white, violet, Best Samsung themes one UI and blue color scheme will definitely give your eyes some relief after experiencing our previous material design themed application.

Theme search keyword: ‘material indigo dark’

Minimal (Paid) minimal-samsung-theme 16

Minimal / Far Away is a nice option for your Samsung. Best Samsung themes one UI It has the ability to use a dark grey background with a lot of patterns, slightly darker gray background, and an icon pack that makes you feel nostalgic about old days!

This one is my personal favorites and one of the best Samsung themes in my opinion.

Theme search keyword: ‘invaser minimal’

Modern Vibe (Paid) modern-vibe-samsung-theme 17

Just like most Aire Design’s themes, Modern Vibe comes equipped with an animated video lock screen. Best Samsung themes one UI The blend of pink and blue accents give the theme a touch of elegance and sophistication as well as a little edge.

This is one theme that definitely makes for an excellent addition to your WordPress site if you want to set it apart from the rest. It’s currently being offered at a discount so grab this great deal while it lasts.

Theme search keyword: ‘aire modern vibe’

Neon (Paid) neon-samsung-one-ui-theme 18

Samsung phones are equipped with a dark theme that be easily activated when you access your phone settings.

The changes may appear subtle at first glance, Best Samsung themes one UI yet they successfully turn even the most feature-filled interface into one that flows easily and looks aesthetically pleasing.

Neon is a perfect example of this approach, so if you have $1 to spend on an app, it’s time to consider downloading Neon.

Theme search keyword: ‘tma neon’

Neon Green (Paid) neon-green-samsung-theme 19 pic

Samsung has created several themes like a perfect neon green theme. Best Samsung themes one UI This particular theme was released not so long ago and looks amazing on phones like Galaxy S20 Ultra or Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Neon green highlights against a pitch-black background produce a simply mesmerizing effect. I just love everything about this theme – the icons and the dialer screen, in particular.

Theme search keyword: ‘rpm neon green’

Neon Stars (Free) neon-stars-samsung-theme 20 pic

Neon Stars is a dark theme for passionate Galaxy users. Whether you’re looking for an entirely new experience or are just trying to change your look for the day, Best Samsung themes one UI Neon Stars will become the new core of your phone.

Everyone loves free themes, so get this black Samsung One UI 2 theme download today because it features all the premium features that are available on others.

Try out Neon Stars and soon you won’t be able to go back because this Galaxy theme will have captivated your heart.

Theme search keyword: ‘walk on mars neon stars’

Orange Burst (Free) orange-burst-samsung-theme 21

Best Samsung themes one UI, a minimalist dark theme designed by SHMO Designs – a team of enthusiasts in the mobile phone industry who develop themes primarily for Samsung Galaxy devices.

They’ve put together this dark and elegant theme with a black background that’s sure to make anyone stand out in this dual-layered product design.

Orange Burst is also free. The best part is that it’s compatible with most smartphones, such as the Google Pixel, as well as many Samsung Galaxy devices.

Theme search keyword: ‘shmo orange burst’

Oxygen (Paid) oxygen-samsung-theme 22

Samsung Oxygen is one of the most beautiful Samsung themes I’ve seen. Best Samsung themes one UI Just look at the color and texture contrasts! The fabric texture with O2 artwork on a grey background just looks too good to pass up.

This premium paid theme has been designed by Invaser and if you have some extra cash to spend on something like this, then there’s no question that it’s worth your money.

It’s simply the best Samsung theme I’ve come across – you won’t regret it.

Theme search keyword: ‘invaser oxygen’

Purple Gradation (Free) purple-gradation-samsung-theme 23

Here is another sleek theme with a purple gradient background and white text. Best Samsung themes one UI It’s a great-looking theme that’s perfect for Galaxy users.

The purple color suits Samsung machines like the S8 and S7 Edge as does the clean look without any irritating icons or wallpapers to distract from your screen space; it looks great.

Theme search keyword: ‘air purple gradation’

Rainbow LED (Paid) rainbow-led-samsung-theme 24

Rainbow LED is a beautiful dark theme for Samsung One UI. Best Samsung themes one UI In the preview image provided, it is shown that the app has a soothing dark background but what if it had been black?

I think the best themes are completely black themed apps so that they seamlessly fit in with any wallpaper.

Overall, Rainbow LED by Aire Design is one of my favorite dark themes simply because of how stunning it looks sans serif fonts and bold font colors.

Theme search keyword: ‘air rainbow led’

RedCardUX (Paid) red-card-ux-samsung-theme 25

Saurabh Gupta has created RedCard UX, Best Samsung themes one UI a Samsung theme that can be downloaded and installed on your device.

The material design icon packs and themes by Saurabh are amazing in their own right, especially when you take the time to observe them closely.

This icon pack looks great because it allows users to change the background color of their devices without sacrificing the overall aesthetics of the design itself because it uses a matty red color combined with an understated grey background.

The combination is as beautiful as it is elegant. Best Samsung themes one UI Push your Samsung phone’s stylistic capabilities out of their comfort zone today.

Theme search keyword: ‘saurabh gupta redcardux’

Rise UI (Paid) rise-ui-dark-samsung-theme 26

Rise-UI made by the same talented designer who made a similar dark theme called Blac-UI for Samsung One UI.Best Samsung themes one UI It’s a premium theme that gives you great viewability in bright light due to its deep, rich background.

The theme’s subtle coloring makes it ideal for anyone looking for something soothing on the eyes.

It’s also a nice fit for One UI Galaxy devices, Best Samsung themes one UI with responsive icons and all of the features you expect from an Android 9 Pie or 10 Q ready app themes like quick settings built into the notification bar and fast setting access from the pull-down menu.

Theme search keyword: ‘kendi rise ui’

SolataUX (Free) solata-ux-samsung-theme 27

Here is another great theme for Samsung that’s dark and appealing. Best Samsung themes one UI The combination of slate indigo and magenta along with white text makes SolataUX a must-have option for those who are fans of darker tones (on their mobile devices).

Theme search keyword: ‘saurabh gupta solataux’

Planting Trees (Free) tree-samsung-theme 28

Planting Trees is a free dark theme for all your Samsung devices running One UI out of the box. It has a stunning olive-green background and looks gorgeous on any of your device’s display sizes.

Designed especially for people who prefer an artsy, Best Samsung themes one UI bohemian look, this theme customizes every aspect of your device’s UI to give you the best user experience.

Theme search keyword: ‘planting trees mi hee’

Verge (Paid) verge-samsung-theme 29

Verges is a sleek Samsung theme that comes in two lovely colors. It’s styled with a modern design and it looks absolutely stunning on any device.

Because of its accuracy to the real Android experience, Best Samsung themes one UI I highly recommend this theme and it’s an ideal choice for anyone who’s looking for something more realistic than what other apps provide in terms of style and elegance.

Theme search keyword: ‘nr verge’

Yellow Stripes (Paid) yellow-stripes-samsung-theme 30

These two screenshots show how great this theme looks. Best Samsung themes one UI Take a look at the images below, which display some of the amazing features of Yellow Stripes.

Like how it uses a singular color with different shades to create a Samsung theme that has been well-received by users who are happy to give their credit card details on the Play Store and get this fantastic looking app installed on their phones in a state of mere milliseconds.

Theme search keyword: ‘invaser yellow stripes’

Now that you’ve checked out all 30 best Samsung theme packs above, I’d like to thank you for checking it out and let me know what you think about them.

Please note: Best Samsung themes one UI These Theme Packs make changes over your Android device’s user interface / User Interface. Some of the claims made in this article are opinions.

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