Eight Best Software Management Tools to Make Office Life a Breeze

There was a time when even the simplest of tasks would take up a lot of time due to the various steps involved.

However, courtesy of technological evolution, life has been getting easier, and it is significantly easy to bypass many of those steps to get things done efficiently.

However, if you still find yourself stuck on repetitive tasks, you are in dire need of an upgrade. Depending upon your needs, you can find various software tools to make things easier for you in the workplace.

They can not only help you do things more concisely, but they can also help you track your performance.

But before we get into a discussion on the relevant tools, there is another thing we would like to discuss beforehand.

If you believe your workspace needs an upgrade, you should take your supervisor or the relevant department into confidence over the matter.

Often corporate hurdles prevent workers from pursuing efficiency in the workplace, so if you are lucky, you might be able to convince them to make certain changes or purchase certain tools to make things easier for you and your colleagues.

With that said, let us now get into the details. This list discusses various tools, ranging from Microsoft 365 to Asana, and not every one of these is going to fit your needs. So, if you find something irrelevant, skip the item and see if you find something else down the list.

  • Microsoft 365:
    Microsoft Office is a classic tool that is only getting better. The tech giant’s rebranding of various software tools into the Microsoft 365 package made it easier for users to find everything in one place.

This is a must-have tool for many workplaces as it is supported on various devices and allows users to store their information in the cloud.

So, if you travel a lot because of work and want access to work-related files on the go, you can use the cloud storage facility and the classic tools you are already used to.

  • Infinity:
    Infinity is a comprehensive office management tool and offers nearly every feature you need to manage your department or your company.

It is ideal for startups and large companies as it allows you to transform it according to your needs. It can streamline finances, create lists, track the team’s progress on their assigned tasks, and much more. This application is extremely customizable and is one of our top recommendations.

  • Trello:

Trello is another great tool that is extremely popular with startups nowadays. Trello allows you to create boards, lists, and cards to organize your work. It can be an ultimate project management tool, courtesy of the ability to set deadlines and create checklists for your team.

This tool is also ideal for teams working remotely across the globe, allowing them to collaborate seamlessly. Moreover, it integrates well with various third-party applications.

Oh, and it has beautiful Android and iOS apps, so you can check your progress anytime.

  • Asana:

Much like Trello, Asana is a great project management tool as well. It allows seamless team coordination and is ideal for startups and large companies.

One edge that Asana has over similar other tools is the ease of understanding. Even if you have never used a management tool before, you can learn everything about Asana by playing with it for a few minutes.

It has a beautiful aesthetic and is simplistic. It also offers integration with various tools.

  • TimeTracko:

This tool allows you to track the productivity of your team. It can help you see how many hours an employee has worked on a project and how active they have been.

It also allows you to gauge their productivity. Moreover, timeTracko can lead to more transparency in the workplace as it compares the performance of various employees and gives you the required data to evaluate the best performer.

This can enable you to hand out bonuses to those who worked the hardest. This tool also allows you to track employees in real-time or through screenshots and videos.

However, you need to take your team on board on this matter since not everybody is comfortable with this level of micromanagement.

  • Cold Turkey Blocker:

You must take strict measures if you have been slacking lately and have a deadline approaching. This can include limiting access to social media and streaming websites on your workstation.

Cold Turkey Blocker can help you do this with ease. It is not easy to cheat; once certain websites are locked in, there is no easy way to bypass the lock.

This can force you to work on important things instead of getting distracted now and then.

  • Google Drive:

Google Drive is one of the most commonly used cloud storage facilities, especially in workplaces.

Given how easy and accessible it is, it is one of the preferred options. You can easily share files with your colleagues via Google Drive, and many of you can collectively work on a document without downloading it on your computers.

All of this happens in real-time. Furthermore, Google Drive is easily accessible through mobile devices, and you can access your files on the go.

  • Slack:

Slack is one of the most popular office management tools these days. Not only does it allow work to be streamlined, but it also allows private communication between teams.

So they can discuss issues with each other without leaving the application. So, you have a chat app and a project management tool combined. Furthermore, you can also share files with your colleagues through Slack.


The tools mentioned above can make your life significantly easier in the office. Depending upon your needs, you can pick and choose from the tools listed in this article.

With that said, we must also acknowledge that the list is far from complete, as there are many more tools that have the potential to simplify your workday.

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