Explore LogWork Time Tracker with Screenshot Monitor to Track Your Team’s Work

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LogWork is a time tracker app that gives you the power to watch over your team anytime and anywhere. In addition, this software offers you several options and functions to successfully manage your projects by monitoring them through the screenshot monitor. 

To explore the functionalities of LogWork, you may visit www.logwork.com. It is easy to register. You must provide your name, email & password to register before signing in. Once you are signed in, you are good to explore LogWork. So let’s delve into this further to see how it works.

Get accustomed to the dashboard 

On the dashboard of the LogWork website, you can have all your eyes on the ongoing live functioning of your team. 

Configure LogWork settings for your ease

You can easily adjust all the settings from the dashboard. All you have to do is click settings and provide the following details:

  • Workspace Name (give a name for your team)
  • Take screenshots (select per minute to take the screenshots frequently)
  • Blur effect (you can use it while providing the data to others)

Once you have added these details, you have various other settings that you can adjust according to your needs. Let’s look at these settings further:  

Levers for advanced data tracking options:

  • Activity level tracking (to observe your employee’s working hours & breaks)
  • App tracker (to track the  app’s usage & duration)
  • Web tracking (to track the web’s usage & duration)
  • Weekly time limit (can easily manage & set the working hours for your employee)
  • Auto pause tracking after (it functions to automatically start & stop whenever you leave the desk or continue your work again)
  • Allow adding time manually (allows your employees to add time entries manually to any day & duration)
  • Currency (select your local currency)

Finally, ensure you click ‘Save’ so that the changes you did work for you.

Set up your team to get started

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This is where you can invite your employees or team just by adding their email addresses. You’ll be able to see who accepts your invitation and registers on LogWork. Once they accept your invitation, you also have customization options – Individual settings. 

Unfortunately, some employees may be skeptical about accepting this powerful time tracker with a screenshot monitor feature, but this is where communication will be critical. Before introducing the software to the existing teams, you must follow the change management principles to onboard your team. 

Time Tracker

Time Tracker is handy for recording your total working time spent on particular tasks. Simply add the task name in the bar and play/pause according to the time you spend on that task.


By clicking on this option, you see three boxes displaying the data, Calendar (shows the data from the first to the present day), Total time (of how many hours worked on a particular day), Most used apps (shows the most frequently used apps and how much time has been  spent on each of them).

You may also scroll down to explore the time bar and a screenshot that states the activity percentage on the particular app.


Reporting option offers you the data about your application, task notes, web,  project, employees & clients. Professionally formatted reports are available in Excel sheets & PDF formats.


LogWork also allows you to add and manage the clients, but in the current version, only the workspace owner has an option to add, edit, or remove a client.


Like the client feature, you can add a new project. In addition, you can choose a project and track your productivity.


LogWork time tracker with screenshot monitor feature is an excellent monitoring tool that offers various employee tracking options and other helpful project options. With efficient change management and proper execution within the organizations, this application helps a big deal in productivity enhancement. The application is available for download on desktops, as apps, and even as a chrome extension for ease of business.

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