How a Dedicated Server Can Improve Your Gaming Experience

Online multiplayer games offer an unparalleled connection with other players and often become the foundation for an online community. It’s always great to play with friends, whether you’re competing against each other or working together to build something great. For many online multiplayer games, the servers you play on affect your gaming experience. With a dedicated cloud gaming server, you’ll always be in control of how the gaming server operates. 

Hosting a server can prove challenging for both you and your hardware. Your ability to host a server from home often depends on the quality of your hardware. Even for simple games with minimal system requirements, server hosting can prove challenging. The bandwidth and processor requirements increase as your game server grows- the more users play together at once, the more difficult it will be to host the server and play simultaneously. 

Hosting a server from home often results in lag and performance issues that interfere with you and your friends having an entertaining gaming experience. Because these lag and performance issues can affect gameplay, many gamers choose to host with a dedicated server or VPS (virtual private server). Dedicated servers and VPS remove the pressure of hosting from your own hardware and network. 

What is a Dedicated Gaming Server?

Hosting through a dedicated server is easy and removes the hassle of hosting a gaming server with your computer. When you rent a dedicated server for gaming, you are essentially renting the hardware necessary for hosting. Your dedicated server or cloud-hosting provider will give you a login for remote administrative access to this hardware. 

Dedicated servers have high-end processors from Intel or AMD’s Ryzen line, several terabytes of storage, and a full-cooling system to prevent hardware crashes. Most hosting providers keep their hardware in a temperature-controlled environment, with physical security measures in place to ensure your data’s security. The IP address of your server is easy to change, as are the storage parameters. 

What Are the Benefits of A Dedicated Server?

When searching for a game hosting solution, you’ll likely find there are many tiers of virtual and dedicated servers available for purchase. Let’s look at a few of the reasons you might want to purchase a dedicated server for gaming. 

Improved Gaming Performance and Minimal Lag

A dedicated server will completely eliminate any lag or slow performance, so the gaming experience for everyone logged on to the server is top-notch. With hardware and storage infrastructure built with top-of-the-line hardware, a dedicated server is often the most customizable option for controlling performance. 

Hosting your game on a dedicated server eliminates the possibility of slow graphics and frame rate when another person joins your server. Less lag is highly significant for games like Minecraft and Rust, where it’s possible to host hundreds of players at once. Your server can remain open indefinitely, and you’ll be able to control all server settings easily from your hosting provider’s cloud services login. Once you’ve set up the server, it’s just as easy for the host to connect from their computer as it is for the other players. 

No Resource Sharing With Other Hosts

A dedicated server’s hardware operates for the exclusive use of the end-user, which essentially means that your hosting provider isn’t dividing the hardware and system capabilities of a single machine amongst different paying users. This is particularly important when hosting a server that’s open to the public because the number of people that can enter the server at once is often uncapped. For cloud-hosting services where you won’t need all the hosting capabilities available with a dedicated server, you may want to consider purchasing a VPS- more on this below. 

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High-Level Security Features

Hosting a gaming server on your own network and hardware can sometimes pose a security threat. A dedicated server will keep your system and server secure, so your save file and game progress is never at risk. A dedicated server is beneficial for preventing DDOS attacks and other hacks. Most dedicated server providers have pre-installed security features and a plan for keeping your data secure. If you aren’t sure about the reliability of a server hosting provider, ask about their policies for handling a security threat. 

No Maintenance Costs

Hosting with a dedicated server means you’ll never have to pay for the maintenance of the server’s hardware. There’s almost nothing you need to do to keep your server online- it’s typically a guarantee from your provider that the server will stay online. The only maintenance you’ll need to perform when running the server is backing up your data and passwords. 

What Games Benefit from a Dedicated Server?

Minecraft, Rust, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are some of the most popular games where multiplayer with friends depends on server hosting. Your Garry’s Mod and Ark gaming experience can also improve with the assistance of a dedicated server. Once you’ve set up your server, you’ll have complete control of who you’re playing with, what the server rules are, or maybe even the gravity parameters for the game.

VPS: An Alternative to the Dedicated Server

For hosting a smaller gaming server, paying the monthly fee for a dedicated server may not be worth the cost. A VPS, or virtual private server, is a great low-cost alternative for hosting a gaming server. A VPS for hosting can cost as little as 6$ a month, and there are often many tiers of bandwidth and performance available for purchase. Virtual private servers are so named because they run on partitioned hardware. VPS users are essentially renting a portion of a machine rather than the entire machine. 

Conclusion-How a Dedicated Server Can Improve Your Gaming Experience

Hosting a game server through an online cloud-services provider with a dedicated server or VPS is essential for many online games. Your game will run with optimal performance, minimal lag, and no drop in frame rate, which will make setting up your next multiplayer match easy. 

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