How EdTech Startups Is Changing the Education Sector?


Edtech is fast becoming a hot topic of discussion among educators and parents around the world. And while education has remained the same for many years, Edtech is now changing that. But what is Edtech? Well, to simply put, it is the use of technological resources and processes to improve education. With EdTech, teachers can create a new kind of learning architecture that will help enhance a student’s learning experience. This architecture can be used to harness the social reach of the internet, allowing teachers to deliver personalized training that can adjust to a student’s learning requirement.

5 Ways How EdTech Startups Are Changing Education

EdTech startups are on a mission to make education easier and more accessible for everyone. Here are five ways how they are changing education.

#1. Immersive Learning

Long gone are the days when teachers used to teach students with the help of chalkboards. Today, students have different options available which they can use to facilitate their learning. For instance, they can participate in immersive experiences while gaining knowledge about everything, whether it be about climate change or a good ‘ol history lesson. EdTech companies such as Early Adopter are working hard with educators to create augmented reality tutorials that include transporting students to the moon as they study about space.

However, for such tech to work, you will need to have a good internet connection. Therefore, if you consider using different tools and gadgets to help make studies interesting, ensure you have a steady internet connection. So, pay that monthly fee to Spectrum online and keep things running!

#2. Industry-Specific Learning

Businesses today demand individuals who know how the industry works. Therefore, companies like InternView, and Yellowbrick has surfaced, which are creating industry=specific programs by not only partnering with colleges but also organizations and media outlets. These companies hope to give learners useful training which can help them find a job in the industry they are most passionate about.

#3. Future-Ready Design

Artificial intelligence is taking over. And it is predicted that organizations will readily adopt AI to automate every business operation that can be automated. This will increase the demand for people with problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, and empathy skills. There are different Edtech startups like Cartedo that are helping students polish their skills. They conduct design-thinking workshops, which allow learners to develop creative confidence.

#4. Remote Classrooms

It is nothing but a challenge for students to ensure 100% student comprehension, considering how limited the resources are. This is why organizations like OneClass and Brainly have emerged to make the world one collaborative learning group that can adapt to global trends and topics. They are using sophisticated technology that can facilitate the students greatly in their learning process.

#5. Digital Safety

As more and more children are getting fascinated with the internet, there is a need to develop certain online spaces where they can learn safely and without any worries. One company that has realized this is Securly. This platform understands the risks of bullying and how it can lead to self-harm. The company is doing its best in order to offer protection to minors and to keep them protected from becoming victims of online attacks.


EdTech startups have started to transform the education industry. They are remodeling the classrooms and making learning more fun for every student. These innovations are moving the learning process towards personalization. At the same time, it is changing the roles of everyone, be it students or teachers. But this is a positive change. This transformation has just begun!

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